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Publication date Communities Collections Article title Author(s) Journal/Conference
2 May 2023 Others Institute of High Performance Computing  Statistical modeling of the effect of chemical inhomogeneity on incipient plasticity in complex concentrated alloys Anne Marie Z. Tan, Zhi Li, Huajian Gao Physical Review Materials
29 Sep 2020 Others Bioinformatics Institute Structural Modelling of the Lumenal Domain of Human GPAA1, the Metallo-Peptide Synthetase Subunit of the Transamidase Complex, Reveals Zinc-Binding Mode and Two Flaps Surrounding the Active Site Tran-To Su Su, Swati Sinha, Birgit Eisenhaber, Frank Eisenhaber Biology Direct
10 May 2020 Others Bioinformatics Institute Extending the Martini coarse-grained forcefield to N-glycans Aishwary T. Shivgan, Jan K. Marzinek, Roland G. Huber, Alexander Krah, Richard H. Henchman, Paul Matsudaira, Chandra S. Verma, Peter J. Bond bioRxiv
24 Apr 2020 Others Bioinformatics Institute Mechanism of polyamine induced colistin resistance through electrostatic networks on bacterial outer membranes Jianguo Li, Roger Beuerman, Chandra S. Verma Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes
3 Mar 2020 Others Bioinformatics Institute How Ligand Binding Affects the Dynamical Transition Temperature in Proteins Alexander Krah, Roland G. Huber, Peter J. Bond ChemPhysChem
6 Dec 2019 Others Bioinformatics Institute Deciphering the mechanistic effects of eIF4E phosphorylation on mRNA‐cap recognition Dilraj Lama, Chandra S. Verma Protein Science
11 Nov 2019 Others Bioinformatics Institute Insights into the Effects of Cancer Associated Mutations at the UPF2 and ATP-Binding Sites of NMD Master Regulator: UPF1 Umesh Kalathiya, Monikaben Padariya, Kamila Pawlicka, Chandra S. Verma, Douglas Houston, Ted R. Hupp, Javier Antonio Alfaro International Journal of Molecular Sciences
9 Sep 2019 Others Bioinformatics Institute Three-dimensional structure of Megabalanus rosa Cement Protein 20 revealed by multi-dimensional NMR and molecular dynamics simulations Harini Mohanram, Akshita Kumar, Chandra S. Verma, Konstantin Pervushin, Ali Miserez Philosophical Transactions B: Biological Sciences
27 Aug 2019 Others Bioinformatics Institute The structural basis for membrane assembly of immunoreceptor signalling complexes Namita Dube, Jan K. Marzinek, Robert C. Glen, Peter J. Bond Journal of Molecular Modeling
24 Jul 2019 Others Bioinformatics Institute Multiscale modeling of innate immune receptors: Endotoxin recognition and regulation by host defense peptides Daniel A. Holdbrook, Roland G. Huber, Jan K. Marzinek, Astrid Stubbusch, Artur Schmitchen, Peter J. Bond Pharmacological Research