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Publication date Communities Collections Article title Author(s) Journal/Conference
27 Jan 2021 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute A SH3_5 Cell Anchoring Domain for Non-recombinant Surface Display on Lactic Acid Bacteria Pei Kun Richie Tay, Pei Yu Lim, Dave Siak-Wei Ow Frontiers in Biotechnology and Bioengineering
24 Apr 2020 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Mechanism of polyamine induced colistin resistance through electrostatic networks on bacterial outer membranes Jianguo Li, Roger Beuerman, Chandra S. Verma Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes
7 Feb 2020 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Thrombin-derived C-terminal fragments aggregate and scavenge bacteria and their proinflammatory products Jitka Petrolova, Ganna Petruk, Roland G. Huber, Eilish W. McBurnie, Mariena J. A. van der Plas, Peter J. Bond, Manoj Puthia, Artur Schmidtchen Journal of Biological Chemistry
23 Jan 2020 BMRC Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation Fibre-based oleogel: Effect of the structure of insoluble fibre on its physical properties Pui Yeu Phoon, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry Food & Function
7 Jun 2019 BMRC Experimental Drug Development Centre Backbone resonance assignment for the full length tRNA-(N1G37) methyltransferase of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Yan Li, Wenhe Zhong, Ann Zhufang Koay, Hui Qi Ng, Qianhui Nah, Yee Hwa Wong, Jeffrey Hill, Julien Lescar, Peter C. Dedon, CongBao Kang Biomolecular NMR Assignments
24 May 2019 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Structure and subunit arrangement of Mycobacterial F1FO ATP synthase and novel features of the unique mycobacterial subunit δ Neelagandan Kamariah, Roland G. Huber, Wilson Nartey, Shashi Bhushan, Peter J. Bond, Gerard Gruber Journal of Structural Biology
8 Feb 2019 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute HEXIM1 Peptide Exhibits Antimicrobial Activity Against Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Through Guidance of Cell Penetrating Peptide Pooi Leng Ho, Han Kee Ong, Jeanette Teo, Dave Siak-Wei Ow, Sheng-Hao Chao Frontiers in Microbiology
11 Aug 2018 BMRC Experimental Drug Development Centre Discovery of dual GyrB/ParE inhibitors active against Gram-negative bacteria Soo Yei Ho, Weiling Wang, Fui Mee Ng, Yun Xuan Wong, Zhi Ying Poh, Wai Sum Eldwin Tan, Shi Hua Ang, Si Si Liew, Yin Sze Joyner Wong, Yvonne Tan, Anders Poulsen, Vishal Pendharkar, Kanda Sangthongpitag, John Manchester, Gregory Basarab, Jeffrey Hill, Thomas H. Keller, Joseph Cherian European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
6 Jun 2018 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Influence of pH on the activity of thrombin-derived antimicrobial peptides Daniel A. Holdbrook, Shalini Singh, Yeu Khai Choong, Jitka Petrlova, Martin Malmsten, Peter J. Bond, Navin Kumar Verma, Artur Schmidtchen, Rathi Saravanan Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes