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Publication date Communities Collections Article title Author(s) Journal/Conference
28 Oct 2023 SERC Institute of Materials Research and Engineering Application of light redirecting panels to improve sunlight utilization in multi-tiered vertical farming systems Yeong Yuh Lee, Johnathan Yik, Eleen Huey Hong Koay, Hooi Hong Lau Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy
1 Oct 2023 SERC Institute of Sustainability for Chemicals, Energy and Environment Assessing the feasibility of gray, blue, and green ammonia productions in Indonesia: A techno-economic and environmental perspective Martin Tjahjono, Isabella Stevani, Gracheilla A Siswanto, Arief Adhitya, Iskandar Halim International Journal of Renewable Energy Development
5 Aug 2023 BMRC Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation Single cell protein and oil production from solid cocoa fatty acid distillates co-fed ethanol Eric Charles Peterson, Rowanne Siao, Gi Gi Chua, Coleen Toledo Busran, Renata Pavlovic, Aaron Thong, Christian Hermansen, Naazneen Sofeo, Yoganathan Kanagasundaram, Melanie Weingarten, Nic Lindley Bioresource Technology
11 Feb 2023 SERC Institute of Materials Research and Engineering Upcycling air pollutants to fuels and chemicals via electrochemical reduction technology Angga Hermawan, Tahta Amrillah, Vani Novita Alviani, Jarot Raharjo, Zhi Wei Seh, Noriyoshi Tsuchiya Journal of Environmental Management
8 Jun 2022 SERC Institute of High Performance Computing  Evaluating the impact of tree morphologies and planting densities on outdoor thermal comfort in tropical residential precincts in Singapore Huizhe Liu, Jiun Yeu Lim, Bianca Wint Hnin Thet, Po-Yen Lai, Wee Shing Koh Building and Environment
27 May 2021 SERC National Metrology Centre Calibration of optical particle size spectrometers against a primary standard: Counting efficiency profile of the TSI Model 3330 OPS and Grimm 11-D monitor in the particle size range from 300 nm to 10 μm Konstantina Vasilatou, Christian Wälchli, Stig Koust, Stefan Horender, Kenjiro Iida, Hiromu Sakurai, Friedhelm Schneider, Jürgen Spielvogel, Thomas Y. Wu, Kevin Auderset Journal of Aerosol Science
20 Apr 2021 SERC Institute of Materials Research and Engineering Effective design of barrier enclosure to contain aerosol emissions from COVID‐19 patients Dan Daniel, Marcus Lin, Irvan Luhung, Tony Lui, Anton Sadovoy, Xueqi Koh, Anqi Sng, Tuan Tran, Stephan C. Schuster, Xian Jun Loh, Oo Schwe Thet, Chee Keat Tan Indoor Air