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Publication date Communities Collections Article title Author(s) Journal/Conference
12 May 2023 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute Insight into muscle stem cell regeneration and mechanobiology Kuin Tian Pang, Larry Sai Weng Loo, Sean Chia, Francesca Yi Teng Ong, Hanry Yu, Ian Walsh Stem Cell Research &Therapy
25 Jan 2023 BMRC Skin Research Institute of Singapore Sun Exposure and its Impact on Keratinocyte Senescence and Function Xin Er Lee, Oliver Dreesen Journal of Investigative Dermatology
5 Dec 2022 BMRC Genome Institute of Singapore Mouse primordial germ-cell-like cells lack piRNAs Navin B. Ramakrishna, Giorgia Battistoni, M. Azim Surani, Gregory J. Hannon, Eric A. Miska Developmental Cell
15 Sep 2022 SERC Institute of Materials Research and Engineering PVA/pectin composite hydrogels inducing osteogenesis for bone regeneration Ziwei Hu, Jianwen Cheng, Sheng Xu, Xiaojing Cheng, Jinmin Zhao, Zhi Wei Kenny Low, Pei Lin Chee, Zhenhui Lu, Li Zheng, Dan Kai Materials Today Bio
15 Aug 2022 BMRC Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation Microwave-Assisted Deep Eutectic Solvent Extraction, Structural Characteristics, and Biological Functions of Polysaccharides from Sweet Tea (Lithocarpus litseifolius) Leaves Ding-Tao Wu, Meng-Xi Fu, Huan Guo, Yi-Chen Hu, Xiao-Qin Zheng, Ren-You Gan, Liang Zou Antioxidants
14 Jul 2022 BMRC Skin Research Institute of Singapore Arl15 upregulates the TGFβ family signaling by promoting the assembly of the Smad-complex (Pending publish) Meng Shi, Hieng Chiong Tie, Mahajan Divyanshu, Xiuping Sun, Yan Zhou, Boon Kim Boh, Leah A Vardy, Lei Lu eLife
29 Jun 2022 BMRC Genome Institute of Singapore Embryonic Programs in Cancer and Metastasis—Insights From the Mammary Gland May Yin Lee Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
8 Jun 2022 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Epigenetic Regulation of Inflammatory Signaling and Inflammation-Induced Cancer Shawn Ying Xuan Tan, Jieqiong Zhang, Wee-Wei Tee Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology
19 May 2022 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute An allied reprogramming, selection, expansion and differentiation platform for creating hiPSC on microcarriers Alan Tin Lun Lam, Valerie Ho, Svetlan Vassilev, Shaul Reuveny, Steve Kah Weng Oh Cell Proliferation
15 Feb 2022 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Mechanism for the attenuation of neutrophil and complement hyperactivity by MSC exosomes Jia Tong Loh, Bin Zhang, Joey Kay Hui Teo, Ruenn Chai Lai, Andre Boon Hwa Choo, Kong-Peng Lam, Sai Kiang Lim Cytotherapy