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26 Nov 2020 BMRC Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation Consumption of Foods With Higher Energy Intake Rates is Associated With Greater Energy Intake, Adiposity, and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Adults Pey Sze Teo, Rob M van Dam, Clare Whitton, Linda Wei Lin Tan, Ciarán G Forde The Journal of Nutrition
19 Sep 2018 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Is Waist Circumference More Strongly Associated With Metabolic Risk Factors Than Waist-To-Height Ratio in Asians? Shalini Ponnalagu, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry, Xinyan BI Nutrition
8 May 2018 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Regulation of Glucose Metabolism in Nondiabetic, Metabolically Obese Normal-Weight Asians Cherlyn Ding, Zhiling Chan, Yu Chung Chooi, John Choo, Suresh Anand Sadananthan, Amanda Chang, S. Sasikala, Navin Michael, S. Sendhil Velan, Faidon Magkos American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism
15 Jun 2017 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Characterization of the Asian Phenotype - An Emerging Paradigm with Clinicopathological and Human Research Implications Melvin Khee-Shing Leow International Journal of Medical Sciences
7 Jul 2016 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Correlation of adiposity indices with cardiovascular disease risk factors in healthy adults of Singapore: a cross-sectional study Xinyan BI, Siew Ling Tey, Claudia Leong, Rina Quek, Yi Ting Loo, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry BMC Obesity
12 Aug 2015 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Body Composition in Asians and Caucasians: Comparative Analyses and Influences on Cardiometabolic Outcomes Sumanto Haldar, Siok Ching Chia, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry Advances in Food and Nutrition Research
2 Oct 2014 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Ethnic differences translate to inadequacy of high-risk screening for gestational diabetes mellitus in an Asian population: a cohort study Yap-Seng Chong, Shirong Cai, Harvard Lin, Shu E Soh, Yung-Seng Lee, Melvin Khee-Shing Leow, Yiong-Huak Chan, Li Chen, Joanna D. Holbrook, Kok-Hian Tan, Victor Samuel Rajadurai, George Seow-Heong Yeo, Michael S. Kramer, Seang-Mei Saw, Peter D. Gluckman, Keith M. Godfrey, Kenneth Kwek BMC Pregnancy Childbirth