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Publication date Communities Collections Article title Author(s) Journal/Conference
2 May 2019 SERC Institute of Materials Research and Engineering Metal–organic framework-derived hierarchical MoS2/CoS2 nanotube arrays as pH-universal electrocatalysts for efficient hydrogen evolution Baoshan Tang, Weifeng Yang, Zhi Gen Yu, Yaoxin Zhang, Chunhua Tang, Hwee Leng Seng, Zhi Wei Seh, Yong-Wei Zhang, Stephan John Pennycook, Hao Gong Journal of Materials Chemistry A
10 Jun 2015 SERC Institute of High Performance Computing An experimental and simulation study on build thickness dependent microstructure for electron beam melted Ti-6Al-4V Xipeng Tan, Yihong Kok, Yu Jun Tan, Guglielmo Vastola, Qing Xiang Pei, Gang Zhang, Yong-Wei Zhang, Kak Fai Leong, Chee Kai Chua Journal of Alloys and Compounds
26 Feb 2015 SERC Institute of High Performance Computing Unique features of laterally aligned GeSi nanowires self-assembled on the vicinal Si (001) surface misoriented toward the [100] direction Tong Zhou, Guglielmo Vastola, Yong-Wei Zhang, Qijun Ren, Yongliang Fan, Zhenyang Zhong Nanoscale
18 Dec 2014 SERC Institute of High Performance Computing Modeling and control of remelting in high-energy beam additive manufacturing Guglielmo Vastola, Gang Zhang, Qin Xiang Pei, Yong-Wei Zhang Additive Manufacturing
19 Jan 2011 SERC Institute of High Performance Computing Metal-functionalized single-walled graphitic carbon nitride nanotubes: a first-principles study on magnetic property Hui Pan, Yong-Wei Zhang, Vivek B Shenoy, Huajian Gao Nanoscale Research Letters