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27 Oct 2023 SERC Institute of Materials Research and Engineering All‐Dielectric Sers Metasurface with Strong Coupling Quasi‐BIC Energized by Transformer‐Based Deep Learning Wei Chen, Yuyang Li, Yineng Liu, Yuan Gao, Yiming Yan, Zhaogang Dong, Jinfeng Zhu Advanced Optical Materials
3 Aug 2023 SERC Institute of Sustainability for Chemicals, Energy and Environment Synergistic Interface Engineering of RuO<sub>2</sub>/Co<sub>3</sub>O<sub>4</sub> Heterostructures for Enhanced Overall Water Splitting in Acidic Media (Pending publish) Yiming Yang, Luqi Wang, Mingyue Ma, Feng Hu, Linlin Li, Ying Chuan Tan, Dan Kai, Jianwei Ren, Shengjie Peng Advanced Energy and Sustainability Research