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Publication date Communities Collections Article title Author(s) Journal/Conference
30 Aug 2019 Others Bioinformatics Institute TNF-alpha regulates alternative splicing of genes participating in pathways of crucial metabolic syndromes; a transcriptome wide study Jiss Maria Louis, Candida Vaz, Advait Balaji, Vivek Tanavde, Indrani Talukdar Cytokine
22 Feb 2019 Others Bioinformatics Institute Discovering Putative Protein Targets of Small Molecules: A Study of the p53 Activator Nutlin Minh N. Nguyen, Neeladri Sen, Meiyin LIn, Thomas Leonard Joseph, Candida Vaz, Vivek Tanavde, Luke Way, Ted Hupp, Chandra S. Verma, M. S. Madhusudhan Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
22 Jan 2016 Others Bioinformatics Institute Embryonic Stem Cells Exhibit mRNA Isoform Specific Translational Regulation Queenie Wing-Lei Wong, Candida Vaz, Qian Yi Lee, Tian Yun Zhao, Raymond Luo, Stuart K. Archer, Thomas Preiss, Vivek Tanavde, Leah A. Vardy PLOS ONE
16 Nov 2015 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Deep sequencing of small RNA facilitates tissue and sex associated microRNA discovery in zebrafish Candida Vaz, Choon Wei Wee, Gek Ping Serene Lee, Philip W. Ingham, Vivek Tanavde, Sinnakaruppan Mathavan BMC Genomics
9 Apr 2014 Others Bioinformatics Institute Mesenchymal Stromal Cells: Novel Methods for Characterization, Understanding Differentiation, and Function Vivek Tanavde, Mohan C. Vemuri, Radhika Pochampally Stem Cells International
9 Jan 2014 Others Bioinformatics Institute CD44 Is a Negative Cell Surface Marker for Pluripotent Stem Cell Identification during Human Fibroblast Reprogramming Rene H. Jr Quintanilla, Joanna S. T. Asprer, Candida Vaz, Vivek Tanavde, Uma Lakshmipathy PLoS One
10 Feb 2013 BMRC Skin Research Lab ‘See-saw’ expression of microRNA-198 and FSTL1 from a single transcript in wound healing (Pending publish) Gopinath M. Sundaram, John E. A. Common, Felicia E. Gopal, Satyanarayana Srikanta, Krishnaswamy Lakshman, Declan P. Lunny, Thiam C. Lim, Vivek Tanavde, E. Birgitte Lane, Prabha Sampath Nature
23 Aug 2012 BMRC Institute of Medical Biology Targeting Glioma Stem Cells by Functional Inhibition of a Prosurvival OncomiR-138 in Malignant Gliomas Xin Hui Derryn Chan, Srikanth Nama, Felicia Gopal, Pamela Rizk, Srinivas Ramasamy, Gopinath Sundaram, Ghim Siong Ow, Ivshina Anna Vladimirovna, Vivek Tanavde, Johannes Haybaeck, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Prabha Sampath Cell Reports
10 Feb 2010 BMRC Institute of Medical Biology Analysis of deep sequencing microRNA expression profile from human embryonic stem cells derived mesenchymal stem cells reveals possible role of let-7 microRNA family in downstream targeting of Hepatic Nuclear Factor 4 Alpha (Pending publish) Winston Koh, Chen Sheng, Betty Tan, Qian Lee, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Lim Kiang, Vivek Tanavde BMC Genomics