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27 Aug 2021 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Visualizing Classifier Adjacency Relations: A Case Study in Speaker Verification and Voice Anti-Spoofing (Pending publish) Tomi Kinnunen, Andreas Nautsch, Md. Sahidullah, Nicholas Evans, Xin Wang, Massimiliano Todisco, Hector Delgado, Junichi Yamagishi, KONG AIK LEE Interspeech 2021
16 Apr 2021 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research ASVtorch toolkit: Speaker verification with deep neural networks KONG AIK LEE, Ville Vestman, Tomi Kinnunen SoftwareX
1 Aug 2013 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Sparse Classifier Fusion for Speaker Verification (Pending publish) KONG AIK LEE, Bin Ma, Haizhou Li, Ville Hautamäki, Tomi Kinnunen, Filip Sedlák IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing