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28 Feb 2019 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute The disordered plant dehydrin Lti30 protects the membrane during water-related stress by cross-linking lipids Anjali Gupta, Jan K. Marzinek, Damien Jefferies, Peter J. Bond, Pia Harryson, Thorsten Wohland Journal of Biological Chemistry
24 Jan 2019 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Infectivity of Dengue Virus Serotypes 1 and 2 Is Correlated with E-Protein Intrinsic Dynamics but Not to Envelope Conformations Kamal Kant Sharma, Xin-Xiang Lim, Sarala Neomi Tantirimudalige, Anjali Gupta, Jan K. Marzinek, Daniel Holdbrook, Xin Ying Elisa Lim, Peter J. Bond, Ganesh S. Anand, Thorsten Wohland Structure
14 Sep 2018 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Single-molecule studies of flavivirus envelope dynamics: Experiment and computation Kamal Kant Sharma, Jan K. Marzinek, Sarala Neomi Tantirimudalige, Peter J. Bond, Thorsten Wohland Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology
5 Nov 2015 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Imaging fluorescence (cross-) correlation spectroscopy in live cells and organisms (Pending publish) Jan W Krieger, Anand P Singh, Nirmalya Bag, Christoph S Garbe, Timothy E Saunders, Jörg Langowski, Thorsten Wohland Nature Protocols
8 Apr 2015 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Bayesian Model Selection Applied to the Analysis of Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Data of Fluorescent Proteins in Vitro and in Vivo (Pending publish) Guangyu Sun, Syuan-Ming Guo, Cathleen Teh, Vladimir Korzh, Mark Bathe, Thorsten Wohland Analytical Chemistry