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Publication date Communities Collections Article title Author(s) Journal/Conference
29 Oct 2021 SERC Institute of Microelectronics Aluminum Nitride Photonics Platforms on Silicon Substrate Nanxi Li, Chong Pei Ho, Yanmei Cao, Shiyang Zhu, George. F. C Chen, Yuan Hsing Fu, Yao Zhu, Dawn T. H. Tan, Lennon Y. T. Lee 2021 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO)
22 Apr 2020 SERC Institute of Microelectronics Large-area metasurface on CMOS-compatible fabrication platform: Driving flat optics from lab to fab Nanxi Li, Zhengji Xu, Yuan Dong, Ting Hu, Qize Zhong, Yuan Hsing Fu, Shiyang Zhu, Navab Singh Nanophotonics
10 Apr 2020 SERC Institute of Microelectronics A Performance Study of Dielectric Metalens with Process-Induced Defects Yanyan Zhou, Ting Hu, Yu Li, Nanxi Li, Yuan Dong, Dongdong Li, Yuan Hsing Fu, Qize Zhong, Zhengji Xu, Shiyang Zhu, Qunying Lin, Navab Singh IEEE Photonics Journal
28 Feb 2020 SERC Institute of Materials Research and Engineering All-optical modulation in chains of silicon nanoantennas Lu ding, Dmitry Morits, Reuben Bakker, Shiqiang Li, Damien Eschimese, Shiyang Zhu, Ye Feng Yu, Ramón Paniagua-Domínguez, Arseniy I. Kuznetsov ACS Photonics
17 Sep 2019 SERC Institute of Microelectronics Large-area pixelated metasurface beam deflector on a 12-inch glass wafer for random point generation Nanxi Li, Yuan Hsing Fu, Yuan Dong, Ting Hu, Zhengji Xu, Qize Zhong, Dongdong Li, Keng Heng Lai, Shiyang Zhu, Qunying Lin, Yuandong Gu, Navab Singh Nanophotonics
28 Aug 2019 SERC Institute of Microelectronics CMOS-compatible all-Si metasurface polarizing bandpass filters on 12-inch wafers Zhengji Xu, Yuan Dong, Chih-Kuo Tseng, Ting Hu, Jinchao Tong, Qize Zhong, Nanxi Li, Larry Sim, Keng Heng Lai, Ying Lin, Dongdong Li, Yu Li, Bliznetsov Vladimir, Yuan-Hsing Fu, Shiyang Zhu, Qunying Lin, Dao Hua Zhang, Yuandong Gu, Navab Singh, Dim-Lee Kwong Optics Express
13 Jun 2016 SERC Institute of Microelectronics Aluminum nitride electro-optic phase shifter for backend integration on silicon Shiyang Zhu, Guo-Qiang Lo Optics Express
1 Jun 2015 SERC Institute of Microelectronics Designs of Silicon MIS Phase Modulator With a Deposited AlN Film as the Gate Dielectric Shiyang Zhu, Lo,Guo-qiang IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
17 Jul 2014 SERC Institute of Microelectronics Design of an ultra-compact electro-absorption modulator comprised of a deposited TiN/HfO_2/ITO/Cu stack for CMOS backend integration Shiyang Zhu, G. Q. Lo, D. L. Kwong Optics Express
1 Nov 2013 SERC Institute of Microelectronics CMOS-Compatible Plasmonic Bragg Reflectors Based on Cu-Dielectric-Si Structures Shiyang Zhu, Hong-Son Chu, Guo-Qiang Lo, Dim-Lee Kwong IEEE Photonics Technology Letters