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26 Jan 2020 SERC Institute of High Performance Computing Effect of number of crowns on the crush resistance in open-cell stent design Gideon Praveen Kumar, Keping Zuo, Buay Koh Li, Chi Wei Ong, Yucheng Zhong, Hwa Liang Leo, Pei Ho, Fangsen Cui
26 Jan 2019 SERC Institute of High Performance Computing Pulsatile Flow Investigation in Development of Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm: An In-Vitro Validated Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis Chi Wei Ong, Foad Kabinejadian, Fei Xiong, Y I Wong, M Toma, Y N Nguyen, K J Chua, Fangsen Cui, Pei Ho, Hwa Liang Leo
19 Jan 2019 SERC Institute of High Performance Computing Hemodynamic analysis of a novel stent graft design with slit perforations in thoracic aortic aneurysm Foad Kabinejadian, Chi Wei Ong, Fei Xiong, Gideon Praveen Kumar, Fangsen Cui, Gongfa Chen, Pei Ho, Hwa Liang Leo
24 May 2018 SERC Institute of High Performance Computing Association of hemodynamic behavior to the intraluminal thrombus prediction: a two-way fluid structure coupling investigation Chi Wei Ong, Choon Hwai Yap, Foad Kabinejadian, Yen Ngoc Nguyen Nguyen, Fangsen Cui, Kian Jon Chua, Pei Ho, Hwa Liang Leo
1 Jun 2017 SERC Institute of Microelectronics Silicon-on-Insulator Waveguide Devices for Broadband Mid-Infrared Photonics Bowei Dong, Xin Guo, Chong Pei Ho, Bo Li, Hong Wang, Chengkuo Lee, Xianshu Luo, Guo-Qiang Lo
20 Apr 2015 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Characterization of a primary brown adipocyte culture system derived from human fetal interscapular fat Dan Xu, Sarah E Seiler, Jia-Pei Ho, Kinyui Alice LO, Benjamin M Buehrer, Y John W Ludlow, Jean-Paul Kovalik, Lei Sun
16 Nov 2014 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute GCN5 inhibits XBP-1S-mediated transcription by antagonizing PCAF action Qiao Jing Lew, Kai Ling Chu, Yi Ling Chia, Benjamin Soo, Jia Pei Ho, Chew Har Ng, Hui Si Kwok, Cheng-Ming Chiang, Yao Chang, Sheng-Hao Chao
1 Jan 2014 SERC Institute of Microelectronics Characterization of polycrystalline silicon-based photonic crystal-suspended membrane for high temperature applications Chengkuo Lee, Chong Pei Ho, Prakash Pitchappa, Piotr Kropelnicki, Jian Wang, Hong Cai, Yuandong Gu
5 Oct 2013 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute Inhibition of human cytomegalovirus replication by overexpression of CREB1 Yi Ling Chia, Chew Har Ng, Philip Lashmit, Kai Ling Chu, Qiao Jing Lew, Jia Pei Ho, Hsueh Lee Lim, Peter Morin Nissom, Mark F. Stinski, Sheng-Hao Chao