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25 Mar 2015 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Trained immunity in newborn infants of HBV-infected mothers Michelle Hong, Elena Sandalova, Diana Low, Adam J. Gehring, Stefania Fieni, Barbara Amadei, Simonetta Urbani, Yap-Seng Chong, Ernesto Guccione, Antonio Bertoletti Nature Communications
26 Jun 2014 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Toll-Like Receptor 8 Agonist and Bacteria Trigger Potent Activation of Innate Immune Cells in Human Liver Juandy Jo, Anthony T. Tan, James E. Ussher, Elena Sandalova, Xin-Zi Tang, Alfonso Tan-Garcia, Natalie To, Michelle Hong, Adeline Chia, Upkar S. Gill, Patrick T. Kennedy, Kai Chah Tan, Kang Hoe Lee, Gennaro De Libero, Adam J. Gehring, Christian B. Willberg, Paul Klenerman, Antonio Bertoletti, Christopher M. Walker PLoS Pathogens
1 Jun 2010 BMRC Singapore Immunology Network Tumor cells disseminate early, but immunosurveillance limits metastatic outgrowth, in a mouse model of melanoma Masashi Kato, Celine Prakash, Michelle Hong, Tze Guan Tan, Lin Zheng, Lai Chun Ong, Yi Jin, Jo Eyles, Anne-Laure Puaux, Xiaojie Wang, Benjamin Toh, Armelle Prévost-Blondel, Pierce Chow, Henry Yang, Jean-Pierre Abastado Journal of Clinical Investigation
6 Oct 2009 BMRC Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Combinatorial Control of Suicide Gene Expression by Tissue-specific Promoter and microRNA Regulation for Cancer Therapy Chunxiao Wu, Jiakai Lin, Michelle Hong, Yukti Choudhury, Poonam Balani, Doreen Leung, Lam H Dang, Ying Zhao, Jieming Zeng, Shu Wang Molecular Therapy