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9 Sep 2020 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Virtual screening of potentially endocrine‑disrupting chemicals against nuclear receptors and its application to identify PPARγ‑bound fatty acids Chaitanya K Jaladanki, Yang He, Li Na Zhao, Sebastian Maurer-Stroh, Lit-Hsin Loo, Haiwei Song, Hao Fan Archives of Toxicology
11 Feb 2020 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute A Case Study with Triazole Fungicides to Explore Practical Application of Next-Generation Hazard Assessment Methods for Human Health Leo T. M. van der Ven, Emiel Rorije, R. Connie Sprong, Daniele Zink, Remco Derr, Giel Hendriks, Lit-Hsin Loo, Mirjam Luijten Chemical Research in Toxicology
18 Sep 2019 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Utility of In Vitro Bioactivity as a Lower Bound Estimate of In Vivo Adverse Effect Levels and in Risk-Based Prioritization Katie Paul Friedman, Matthew Gagne, Lit-Hsin Loo, Panagiotis Karamertzanis, Tatiana Netzeva, Tomasz Sobanski, Jill A. Franzosa, Ann M. Richard, Ryan R. Lougee, Andrea Gissi, Jia-Ying Joey Lee, Michelle Angrish, Jean Lou Dorne, Stiven Foster, Kathleen Raffaele, Tina Bahadori, Maureen R. Gwinn, Jason Lambert, Maurice Whelan, Mike Rasenberg, Tara Barton-Maclaren, Russell S. Thomas Toxicological Sciences
12 Sep 2019 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute PI3K Catalytic Subunits α and β Modulate Cell Death and IL-6 Secretion Induced by Talc Particles in Human Lung Carcinoma Cells Nicola Michelle Bougen-Zhukov, Yin Yeng Lee, Jia-Ying Joey Lee, Pyng Lee, Lit-Hsin Loo American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology
28 Apr 2018 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Building predictive in vitro pulmonary toxicity assays using high-throughput imaging and artificial intelligence Jia-Ying Joey Lee, James Alastair Miller, Sreetama Basu, Ting-Zhen Vanessa Kee, Lit-Hsin Loo Archives of Toxicology
19 Jul 2016 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Large-scale image-based screening and profiling of cellular phenotypes Nicola Bougen-Zhukov, Sheng Yang Loh, Hwee Kuan Lee, Lit-Hsin Loo Cytometry Part A
8 Dec 2014 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Supervised prediction of drug-induced nephrotoxicity based on interleukin-6 and -8 expression levels Ran Su, Yao Li, Daniele Zink, Lit-Hsin Loo BMC Bioinformatics
22 Oct 2013 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute cellXpress: a fast and user-friendly software platform for profiling cellular phenotypes Danai Laksameethanasan, Rui Zhen Tan, Wei-Ling Geraldine Toh, Lit-Hsin Loo BMC Bioinformatics