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Publication date Communities Collections Article title Author(s) Journal/Conference
7 Nov 2015 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology ST3GAL1-Associated Transcriptomic Program in Glioblastoma Tumor Growth, Invasion, and Prognosis M. Thangaveloo, M. S. Y. Tan, G. R. H. Koh, T. B. Toh, G. G. Y. Lim, Y. K. Chong, E. Sandanaraj, L. W. H. Koh, J. D. Holbrook, O. L. Kon, M. Nadarajah, I. Ng, W. H. Ng, N. S. Tan, K. L. Lim, C. Tang, B. T. Ang JNCI Journal of the National Cancer Institute
24 Oct 2013 BMRC Genome Institute of Singapore HLA-B*13:01 and the Dapsone Hypersensitivity Syndrome F.-R. Zhang, H. Liu, A. Irwanto, X.-A. Fu, Y. Li, G.-Q. Yu, Y.-X. Yu, M.-F. Chen, H.-Q. Low, J.-H. Li, F.-F. Bao, J.-N. Foo, J.-X. Bei, X.-M. Jia, J. Liu, H. Liany, N. Wang, G.-Y. Niu, Z.-Z. Wang, B.-Q. Shi, H.-Q. Tian, H.-X. Liu, S.-S. Ma, Y. Zhou, J.-B. You, Q. Yang, C. Wang, T.-S. Chu, D.-C. Liu, X.-L. Yu, Y.-H. Sun, Y. Ning, Z.-H. Wei, S.-L. Chen, X.-C. Chen, Z.-X. Zhang, Y.-X. Liu, S.L. Pulit, W.-B. Wu, Z.-Y. Zheng, R.-D. Yang, H. Long, Z.-S. Liu, J.-Q. Wang, M. Li, L.-H. Zhang, H. Wang, L.-M. Wang, P. Xiao, J.-L. Li, Z.-M. Huang, J.-X. Huang, Z. Li, L. Xiong, J. Yang, X.-D. Wang, D.-B. Yu, X.-M. Lu, G.-Z. Zhou, L.-B. Yan, J.-P. Shen, G.-C. Zhang, Y.-X. Zeng, P.I.W. de Bakker, S.-M. Chen, J.-J. Liu New England Journal of Medicine
18 Oct 2013 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Nanostars on a fiber facet with near field enhancement for surface-enhanced Raman scattering detection M. Sun, Y. X. Wang, Z. N. Chen, Y. D. Gong, J. L. Lim, X. M. Qing Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing
11 Jun 2012 BMRC Singapore Bioimaging Consortium Neural stem cell specific fluorescent chemical probe binding to FABP7 J.-J. Lee, S.-W. Yun, C. Leong, D. Zhai, Y. L. Tan, L. Lim, X. Bi, H. J. Kim, N.-Y. Kang, S. H. Ng, L. W. Stanton, Y.-T. Chang Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
17 Jan 2012 BMRC p53 Laboratory Using targeted transgenic reporter mice to study promoter-specific p53 transcriptional activity A. M. Goh, C. Y. Lim, P. C. Chiam, L. Li, M. B. Mann, K. M. Mann, S. Menendez, D. P. Lane Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
13 Jul 2010 SERC Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology Direct patterning in sub-surface of stainless steel using laser pulses H. Y. Zheng, W. Zhou, Z. L. Li, T. Liu, C. C. Khin, A. C. Tan, L. E. Khoong Optics Express
21 Dec 2009 BMRC Genome Institute of Singapore Conserved long noncoding RNAs transcriptionally regulated by Oct4 and Nanog modulate pluripotency in mouse embryonic stem cells J. Sheik Mohamed, P. M. Gaughwin, B. Lim, P. Robson, L. Lipovich RNA