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21 Aug 2018 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Ethnicity-specific skeletal muscle transcriptional signatures and their relevance to insulin resistance in Singapore Amelia Li Min Tan, Sarah R. Langley, Chee Fan Tan, Jin Fang Chai, Chin Meng Khoo, Melvin Khee-Shing Leow, Eric Yin Hao Khoo, Aida Moreno-Moral, Michal Pravenec, Maxime Rotival, Suresh Anand Sadananthan, S. Sendhil Velan, Kavita Venkataraman, Yap Seng Chong, Yung Seng Lee, Xueling Sim, Walter Stunkel, Mei Hui Liu, E. Shyong Tai, Enrico Petretto Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism
3 Sep 2015 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Psychometric Properties of the Problem Areas in Diabetes (PAID) Instrument in Singapore Yasmin Laura Marie Zuniga, Kavita Venkataraman, Luor Shyuan Maudrene Tan, Dianne Carrol Tan Bautista, Konstadina Griva, Mohamed Amir, Yung Seng Lee, Jeannette Lee, E. Shyong Tai, Eric Yin Hao Khoo, Hwee Lin Wee, Fakir M Amirul Islam PLoS ONE
4 Sep 2014 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Platform Comparison for Evaluation of ALK Protein Immunohistochemical Expression, Genomic Copy Number and Hotspot Mutation Status in Neuroblastomas May Ying Leong, Manikandan Lakshmanan, Vinay Tergaonkar, Wing-Kin Sung, Shui Yen Soh, Kenneth T. E. Chang, Svetlana Pack, Benedict Yan, Chik Hong Kuick, Malcolm Lim, Kavita Venkataraman, Chandana Tennakoon, Eva Loh, Derrick Lian PLoS ONE
7 May 2014 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Automated segmentation of visceral and subcutaneous (deep and superficial) adipose tissues in normal and overweight men Suresh Anand Sadananthan, Bhanu Prakash, Melvin Khee-Shing Leow, Chin Meng Khoo, Hong Chou, Kavita Venkataraman, Eric Y. H. Khoo, Yung Seng Lee, Peter D. Gluckman, E. Shyong Tai, S. Sendhil Velan Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
18 Dec 2013 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Body fat partitioning does not explain the interethnic variation in insulin sensitivity among Asian ethnicity: the Singapore adults metabolism study Chin Meng Khoo, Melvin Khee-Shing Leow, Suresh Anand Sadananthan, Radiance Lim, Kavita Venkataraman, Eric Yin Hao Khoo, S. Sendhil Velan, Yu Ting Ong, Ravi Kambadur, Craig McFarlane, Peter D. Gluckman, Yung Seng Lee, Yap Seng Chong, E. Shyong Tai Diabetes
30 Sep 2013 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences New Measure of Insulin Sensitivity Predicts Cardiovascular Disease Better than HOMA Estimated Insulin Resistance Kavita Venkataraman, Chin Meng Khoo, Melvin K. S. Leow, Eric Y. H. Khoo, Anburaj V. Isaac, Vitali Zagorodnov, Suresh A. Sadananthan, Sendhil S. Velan, Yap Seng Chong, Peter Gluckman, Jeannette Lee, Agus Salim, E. Shyong Tai, Yung Seng Lee, Zane Andrews PLoS ONE