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3 Sep 2020 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Augmented Reality in scientific visualization and communications: A new dawn of looking at antibody interactions Samuel Ken-En Gan, Kwok-Fong Chan, Jun-Jie Poh, Wei-Ling Wu Antibody Therapeutics
14 Apr 2019 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Role of the IgE variable heavy chain in FcεRIα and superantigen binding in allergy and immunotherapy Wai-Heng Lua, Chinh Tran-To Su, Joshua Yi Yeo, Jun-Jie Poh, Wei-Li Ling, Ser-Xian Phu, Samuel Ken-En Gan Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
10 Jan 2019 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Perspective: The promises of a holistic view of proteins - impact on antibody engineering and drug discovery Ser-Xian Phua, Kwok-Fong Chan, Chinh Tran-To Su, Jun-Jie Poh, Samuel Ken-En Gan Bioscience Reports
2 Oct 2018 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Commentary: Augmented Reality Scientific Phone Apps –making the APD AR Holistic Review app and using existing AR apps for scientific publications Jun-Jie Poh, Ser-Xian Phua, Kwok-Fong Chan, Samuel Ken-En Gan Scientific Phone Apps and Mobile Devices
12 Mar 2018 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute Effect of VH–VL Families in Pertuzumab and Trastuzumab Recombinant Production, Her2 and FcγIIA Binding Wei-Li Ling, Wai-Heng Lua, Jun-Jie Poh, Joshua Yi Yeo, David Philip Lane, Samuel Ken-En Gan Frontiers in Immunology
15 Jan 2018 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute The effects of Antibody Engineering CH and CL in Trastuzumab and Pertuzumab recombinant models: Impact on antibody production and antigen-binding Wai-Heng Lua, Wei-Li Ling, Joshua Yi Yeo, Jun-Jie Poh, David Philip Lane, Samuel Ken-En Gan Scientific Reports