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Publication date Communities Collections Article title Author(s)
17 Sep 2020 SERC Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences Polymer-encapsulated TiO2 for the improvement of NIR reflectance and total solar reflectance of cool coatings Siming Dong, Jing Yang Quek, Alexander M. van Herk, Satyasankar Jana
12 Dec 2019 SERC Institute of Materials Research and Engineering Detecting MoS2 and MoSe2 with optical contrast simulation Xiaohe Zhang, Hiroyo Kawai, Jing Yang, Kuan Eng Johnson Goh
3 Jun 2019 SERC Institute of Materials Research and Engineering Surface-Engineered Cobalt Oxide Nanowires as Multifunctional Electrocatalysts for Efficient Zn-Air Batteries-Driven Overall Water Splitting Baoshan Tang, Jing Yang, Zongkui Kou, Le Xu, Hwee Leng Seng, Yannan Xie, Albertus D. Handoko, Xixia Liu, Zhi Wei Seh, Hiroyo Kawai, Hao Gong, Weifeng Yang
12 Nov 2018 SERC Institute of Materials Research and Engineering Interlayer interactions in 2D WS2/MoS2 heterostructures monolithically grown by in situ physical vapor deposition Weifeng Yang, Hiroyo Kawai, Michel Bosman, Baoshan Tang, Jianwei Chai, Wei Le Tay, Jing Yang, Hwee Leng Seng, Huili Zhu, Hao Gong, Hongfei Liu, Kuan Eng Johnson Goh, Shijie Wang, DongZhi Chi
1 Sep 2017 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Optimal Privacy-Preserving Probabilistic Routing for Wireless Networks Jing Yang Koh, Derek Leong, Gareth W. Peters, Ido Nevat, Wai-Choong Wong
21 May 2017 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Privacy-aware incentive mechanism for mobile crowd sensing Jing Yang Koh, Gareth W. Peters, Derek Leong, Ido Nevat, Wai-Choong Wong
1 Dec 2016 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Geo-Spatial Location Spoofing Detection for Internet of Things Jing Yang Koh, Ido Nevat, Derek Leong, Wai-Choong Wong
8 Jun 2015 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Reliable privacy-preserving communications for wireless ad hoc networks Jing Yang Koh, Joseph Chee Ming Teo, Derek Leong, Wai-Choong Wong
21 Apr 2014 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Distributed Event Detection under Byzantine Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks Zhang Pengfei, Koh Jing Yang, Lin Shaowei, Ido Nevat
9 Apr 2012 BMRC Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Tumor Tropism of Intravenously Injected Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Stem Cells and Their Gene Therapy Application in a Metastatic Breast Cancer Model Jing Yang, Dang Hoang Lam, Sally Sallee Goh, Esther Xingwei Lee, Ying Zhao, Felix Chang Tay, Can Chen, Shouhui Du, Ghayathri Balasundaram, Mohammad Shahbazi, Chee Kian Tham, Wai Hoe Ng, Han Chong Toh, Shu Wang