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7 Oct 2022 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Towards More Efficient Data Valuation in Healthcare Federated Learning Using Ensembling Sourav Kumar, A. Lakshminarayanan, Ken Chang, Feri Guretno, Ivan Ho Mien, Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, Pavitra Krishnaswamy, Praveer Singh Lecture Notes in Computer Science
14 Dec 2019 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research CareNets: Efficient Homomorphic CNN for High Resolution Images Chao Jin, Ahmad Al Badawi, Balagopal Unnikrishnan, Jie Lin, Chan Fook Mun, James M. Brown, J. Peter Campbell, Michael Chiang, Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, Vijay Ramaseshan Chandrasekhar, Pavitra Krishnaswamy, Khin Mi Mi Aung Privacy in Machine Learning - NeurIPS 2019 Workshop
13 Oct 2019 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Towards Practical Unsupervised Anomaly Detection on Retinal Images Khalil Ouardini Ouardini, Huijuan Yang, Balagopal Unnikrishnan, Manon Romain, Camille Garcin, Houssam Zenati, J. Peter Campbell, Michael F. Chiang, Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, Vijay Chandrasekhar, Pavitra Krishnaswamy, Chuan-Sheng Foo DART 2019, MIL3ID 2019: Domain Adaptation and Representation Transfer and Medical Image Learning with Less Labels and Imperfect Data
8 Dec 2018 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Abnormality Classification in Retinal Images Bruno Lecouat, Ken Chang, Chuan-Sheng Foo, Balagopal Unnikrishnan, James M. Brown, Houssam Zenati, Andrew Beers, Vijay Chandrasekhar, Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, Pavitra Krishnaswamy Machine Learning for Health (ML4H) Workshop at NeurIPS 2018