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4 Nov 2023 SERC Institute of Materials Research and Engineering Tunable Tamm plasmon cavity as a scalable biosensing platform for surface enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopy (Pending publish) Kandammathe Valiyaveedu Sreekanth, Jayakumar Perumal, U. S. Dinish, Patinharekandy Prabhathan, Yuanda Liu, Ranjan Singh, Malini Olivo, Jinghua Teng Nature Communications
21 Jul 2023 BMRC Skin Research Lab Biophotonics technologies for the detection of VOCs in healthcare applications: Are we there yet? Shuyan Zhang, Keertana Vinod Ram, Ran Zhi Tong Chua, Jodie Chuan Yue Foo, Jayakumar Perumal, U. S. Dinish, Malini Olivo Applied Physics Reviews
26 Aug 2021 BMRC Skin Research Institute of Singapore Novel Cellulose Fibre-Based Flexible Plasmonic Membrane for Point-of-Care SERS Biomarker Detection in Chronic Wound Healing Jayakumar Perumal, Hann Qian Lim, Amalina Binte Ebrahim Attia, Riazul Raziq, David Ian Leavesley, Zee Upton, US Dinish, Malini Olivo International Journal of Nanomedicine
8 Dec 2020 BMRC Singapore Bioimaging Consortium Towards a point-of-care SERS sensor for biomedical and agri-food analysis applications: a review of recent advancements Jayakumar Perumal, Yusong Wang, Amalina Binte Ebrahim Attia, U. S. Dinish, Malini Olivo Nanoscale
24 Jul 2020 BMRC Singapore Bioimaging Consortium Optimization and performance analysis of SERS-active suspended core photonic crystal fiber Flavien Beffera, Georges Humbert, Jean-Louis Auguste, Jayakumar Perumal, Dinish U.S., Malini Olivo Optics Express
7 Apr 2020 BMRC Singapore Bioimaging Consortium Dual-triggered nanoaggregates of cucurbit[7]uril and gold nanoparticles for multi-spectroscopic quantification of creatinine in urinalysis† Weng-I Katherine Chio, Suresh Moorthy, Jayakumar Perumal, Dinish U. S., Ivan P. Parkin, Malini Olivo, Tung-Chun Lee Journal of Materials Chemistry C
5 Feb 2020 BMRC Singapore Bioimaging Consortium Handheld confocal Raman spectroscopy (CRS) for objective assessment of skin barrier function and stratification of severity in atopic dermatitis (AD) patients Chris Jun Hui Ho, Yik Weng Yew, U.S. Dinish, Amanda Hui Yu Kuan, Melvin Kai Weng Wong, Renzhe Bi, Kapil Dev, Xiuting Li, Gurpreet Singh, Mohesh Moothanchery, Jayakumar Perumal, Steven Tien Guan Thng, Malini Olivo Journal of Dermatological Science
8 Dec 2019 BMRC Singapore Bioimaging Consortium Development of highly reliable SERS‐active photonic crystal fiber probe and its application in the detection of ovarian cancer biomarker in cyst fluid Flavien Beffara, Jayakumar Perumal, Aniza Puteri Mahyuddin, Mahesh Choolani, Saif A. Khan, Jean‐Louis Auguste, Sylvain Vedraine, Georges Humbert, U. S. Dinish, Malini Olivo Journal of Biophotonics
1 May 2017 SERC Institute of Microelectronics Development of optimized nanogap plasmonic substrate for improved SERS enhancement Jayakumar Perumal, Tianxun Gong, U.S. Dinish, Kavitha Devi Buddharaju, Patrick Guo-Qiang Lo, Malini Olivo AIP Advances
10 Oct 2016 BMRC Singapore Bioimaging Consortium Retinoic acid is abundantly detected in different depots of adipose tissue by SERS Jayakumar Perumal, Sandhya Sriram, Hann Qian Lim, Malini Olivo, Shigeki Sugii Adipocyte