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4 Jan 2024 SERC Institute of Materials Research & Engineering Spin-related Cu-Co pair to increase electrochemical ammonia generation on high-entropy oxides Shengnan Sun, Chencheng Dai, Peng Zhao, Shibo Xi, Yi Ren, Hui Ru Tan, Poh Chong Lim, Ming Lin, Caozheng Diao, Danwei Zhang, Chao Wu, Anke Yu, Jie Cheng Jackson Koh, Wei Ying Lieu, Debbie Hwee Leng Seng, Libo Sun, Yuke Li, Teck Leong Tan, Jia Zhang, Zhichuan J. Xu, Zhi Wei Seh Nature Communications
6 Jun 2023 SERC Institute of Sustainability for Chemicals, Energy and Environment Coconut husk-derived biochar for enhancing electrochemical conversion of CO2 Y.C. Tan, S. Jia, J. Tan, Y. Leow, R. Zheng, X.Y. Tan, S.B. Dolmanan, M. Zhang, P.Y.M. Yew, X.P. Ni, Q. Zhu, J. Xu, X.J. Loh, S. Ramakrishna, D. Kai Materials Today Chemistry
2 Jun 2023 SERC Institute of Materials Research and Engineering Tailoring surface reflectance through nanostructured materials design for energy-efficient applications R.J. Yeo, W.-Y. Wu, N. Tomczak, R. Ji, S. Wang, X. Wang, J. Kong, H. Liu, K.E.J. Goh, J. Xu, X.J. Loh, Q. Zhu Materials Today Chemistry
2 Sep 2022 SERC Institute of Materials Research and Engineering The effect of the hydroxyl group position on the electrochemical reactivity and product selectivity of butanediol electro-oxidation Shengnan Sun, Chencheng Dai, Libo Sun, Zhi Wei Seh, Yuanmiao Sun, Adrian Fisher, Xin Wang, Zhichuan J. Xu Dalton Transactions
9 Apr 2014 BMRC Genome Institute of Singapore OCT1 is a determinant of synbindin-related ERK signalling with independent prognostic significance in gastric cancer N. Deng, P. Tan, H. Chen, J. Wang, Z. Li, Y. Hu, W. Zou, J. Xu, J.-Y. Fang, J. Qian, X. Kong Gut