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Publication date Communities Collections Article title Author(s) Journal/Conference
21 Nov 2018 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Advbot: Towards Understanding Human Preference in a Human-Robot Interaction Scenario Clarice J. Wong, Yong Ling Tay, Lincoln W.C. Lew, Hui Fang Koh, Yijing Xiong, Yan Wu International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision (ICARCV 2018)
1 Dec 2017 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Investigation on the Roles of Human and Robot in Collaborative Storytelling Yan Wu, Ruohan Wang, Yong Ling Tay, Clarice J. Wong APSIPA ASC 2017
26 Nov 2015 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Epsilon glutathione transferases possess a unique class-conserved subunit interface motif that directly interacts with glutathione in the active site J. Wongsantichon, R. C. Robinson, A. J. Ketterman Bioscience Reports
18 Jan 2015 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology An ER-directed gelsolin nanobody targets the first step in amyloid formation in a gelsolin amyloidosis mouse model W. Van Overbeke, J. Wongsantichon, I. Everaert, A. Verhelle, O. Zwaenepoel, A. Loonchanta, L. D. Burtnick, A. De Ganck, T. Hochepied, J. Haigh, C. Cuvelier, W. Derave, R. C. Robinson, J. Gettemans Human Molecular Genetics
7 Apr 2014 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences The effect of genotype and in utero environment on interindividual variation in neonate DNA methylomes A. L. Teh, H. Pan, L. Chen, M.-L. Ong, S. Dogra, J. Wong, J. L. MacIsaac, S. M. Mah, L. M. McEwen, S.-M. Saw, K. M. Godfrey, Y.-S. Chong, K. Kwek, C.-K. Kwoh, S.-E. Soh, M. F. F. Chong, S. Barton, N. Karnani, C. Y. Cheong, J. P. Buschdorf, W. Stunkel, M. S. Kobor, M. J. Meaney, P. D. Gluckman, J. D. Holbrook Genome Research