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25 Mar 2020 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute A common MET polymorphism harnesses HER2 signaling to drive aggressive squamous cell carcinoma Nur Afiqah Binte Mohamed Salleh, Richard Weijie Ong, Li Ren Kong, Tuan Zea Tan, Nicholas L. Syn, Robby Miguel Goh, Chee Wai Fhu, Daniel S W Tan, Gopalakrishna Iyer, Srinivasaraghavan Kannan, Chandra S. Verma, Yaw Chyn Lim, Ross Soo, Jingshan Ho, Yiqing Huang, Joline S. J. Lim, Benedict Junrong Yan, Min En Nga, Seng Gee Lim, H. Philip Koeffler, Soo Chin Lee, Dennis Kappei, Huyhn The Hung, Boon Cher Goh Nature Communications
1 Nov 2018 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Autophagy Governs Protumorigenic Effects of Mitotic Slippage–induced Senescence Rekha Jakhar, Monique N.H. Luijten, Alex X.F. Wong, Bing Cheng, Ke Guo, Suat P. Neo, Bijin Au, Madhura Kulkarni, Kah J. Lim, Jiamila Maimaiti, Han C. Chong, Elaine H. Lim, Tee B.K. Tan, Kong W. Ong, Yirong Sim, Jill S.L. Wong, James B.K. Khoo, Juliana T.S. Ho, Boon T. Chua, Indrajit Sinha, Xiaomeng Wang, John E. Connolly, Jayantha Gunaratne, Karen C. Crasta Molecular Cancer Research
11 Oct 2018 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Cell type-specific DNA methylation in neonatal cord tissue and cord blood: a 850K-reference panel and comparison of cell types Xinyi Lin, Jane Yi Lin Tan, Ai Ling Teh, Ives Yubin Lim, Samantha J. Liew, Julia L. MacIsaac, Yap Seng Chong, Peter D. Gluckman, Michael S. Kobor, Clara Yujing Cheong, Neerja Karnani Epigenetics
15 Aug 2018 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Chromosomal instability-induced senescence potentiates cell non-autonomous tumourigenic effects Qianqian He, Bijin Au, Madhura Kulkarni, Yang Shen, Kah. J. Lim, Jiamila Maimaiti, Cheng. Kit. Wong, Monique. N. H. Luijten, Han C. Chong, Elaine H. Lim, Giulia Rancati, Indrajit Sinha, Zhiyan Fu, Xiaomeng Wang, John. E. Connolly, Karen C. Crasta Oncogenesis
26 Apr 2017 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences ANRIL Promoter DNA Methylation: A Perinatal Marker for Later Adiposity Karen Lillycrop, Robert Murray, Clara Cheong, Ai Ling Teh, Rebecca Clarke-Harris, Sheila Barton, Paula Costello, Emma Garratt, Eloise Cook, Philip Titcombe, Bhuvaneshwari Shunmuganathan, Carolina Paras Chavez, Philip C. Calder, Fabian Yap, Yung Seng Lee, Yap Seng Chong, Philip E. Melton, Lawrie Beilin, Rae-Chi Huang, Samantha J. Liew, Yong-Cai Chua, Xinyi Lin, Yonghui Wu, Graham C. Burdge, Cyrus Cooper, Hazel M. Inskip, Neerja Karnani, James C. Hopkins, Caroline E. Childs, Peter D. Gluckman, Nick Harvey, Mark A. Hanson, Joanna D. Holbrook, EpiGen Consortium, Keith M. Godfrey EBioMedicine
24 Oct 2014 SERC Data Storage Institute Influence of magnetic writer field on spin torque oscillator performance Z. J. Liu, Z. M. Yuan, M. S. Zhang, Tiejun Zhou Magnetics Symposium 2014 - Celebrating 50th Anniversary of IEEE Magnetics Society (MSSC50)
1 Jul 2014 SERC Institute of Microelectronics Review of Silicon Photonics Foundry Efforts A.E.-J. Lim, Junfeng Song, Qing Fang, Chao Li, Xiaoguang Tu IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
11 Feb 2014 BMRC Genome Institute of Singapore Genome-Wide Saturation Mutagenesis of Burkholderia pseudomallei K96243 Predicts Essential Genes and Novel Targets for Antimicrobial Development M. Sarkar-Tyson, B. W. Wren, T. G. Clark, P. B. O. Tan, R. W. Titball, J. Cuccui, M. G. Moule, C. M. Hemsley, Q. Seet, J. A. Guerra-Assuncao, J. Lim mBio
28 Nov 2013 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Inhibitors of neutrophil recruitment identified using transgenic zebrafish to screen a natural product library X. Wang, A. L. Robertson, J. Li, R. J. Chai, W. Haishan, P. Sadiku, N. V. Ogryzko, M. Everett, K. Yoganathan, H. R. Luo, S. A. Renshaw, P. W. Ingham Disease Models & Mechanisms
13 Nov 2013 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Actin-binding and Cell Proliferation Activities of Angiomotin Family Members Are Regulated by Hippo Pathway-mediated Phosphorylation I. Tan, F. Guo, S. W. Chan, C. J. Lim, T. Leung, W. Hong Journal of Biological Chemistry
24 Oct 2013 BMRC Genome Institute of Singapore HLA-B*13:01 and the Dapsone Hypersensitivity Syndrome F.-R. Zhang, H. Liu, A. Irwanto, X.-A. Fu, Y. Li, G.-Q. Yu, Y.-X. Yu, M.-F. Chen, H.-Q. Low, J.-H. Li, F.-F. Bao, J.-N. Foo, J.-X. Bei, X.-M. Jia, J. Liu, H. Liany, N. Wang, G.-Y. Niu, Z.-Z. Wang, B.-Q. Shi, H.-Q. Tian, H.-X. Liu, S.-S. Ma, Y. Zhou, J.-B. You, Q. Yang, C. Wang, T.-S. Chu, D.-C. Liu, X.-L. Yu, Y.-H. Sun, Y. Ning, Z.-H. Wei, S.-L. Chen, X.-C. Chen, Z.-X. Zhang, Y.-X. Liu, S.L. Pulit, W.-B. Wu, Z.-Y. Zheng, R.-D. Yang, H. Long, Z.-S. Liu, J.-Q. Wang, M. Li, L.-H. Zhang, H. Wang, L.-M. Wang, P. Xiao, J.-L. Li, Z.-M. Huang, J.-X. Huang, Z. Li, L. Xiong, J. Yang, X.-D. Wang, D.-B. Yu, X.-M. Lu, G.-Z. Zhou, L.-B. Yan, J.-P. Shen, G.-C. Zhang, Y.-X. Zeng, P.I.W. de Bakker, S.-M. Chen, J.-J. Liu New England Journal of Medicine
20 Jun 2013 BMRC Institute of Medical Biology A genetic and developmental pathway from STAT3 to the OCT4-NANOG circuit is essential for maintenance of ICM lineages in vivo (Pending publish) D. V. Do, J. Ueda, D. M. Messerschmidt, C. Lorthongpanich, Y. Zhou, B. Feng, G. Guo, P. J. Lin, M. Z. Hossain, W. Zhang, A. Moh, Q. Wu, P. Robson, H. H. Ng, L. Poellinger, B. B. Knowles, D. Solter, X.-Y. Fu Genes & Development
19 Jun 2013 BMRC Genome Institute of Singapore An association study of TOLL and CARD with leprosy susceptibility in Chinese population F. Zhang, H. Liu, F. Bao, A. Irwanto, X. Fu, N. Lu, G. Yu, Y. Yu, Y. Sun, H. Low, Y. Li, H. Liany, C. Yuan, J. Li, J. Liu, M. Chen, N. Wang, J. You, S. Ma, G. Niu, Y. Zhou, T. Chu, H. Tian, S. Chen, X. Zhang Human Molecular Genetics
19 Jun 2013 BMRC Genome Institute of Singapore Protein tyrosine phosphatase UBASH3B is overexpressed in triple-negative breast cancer and promotes invasion and metastasis K. M. Karuturi, E. Y. Tan, X. Jiang, C. H. Wong, J. Li, S. T. Lee, M. Feng, Y. Wei, Z. Li, Y. Qiao, P. Guan, K. Huynh, J. Wang, D. S. B. Hoon, Y. Kang, Q. Yu Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
5 Apr 2011 BMRC Genome Institute of Singapore Comprehensive long-span paired-end-tag mapping reveals characteristic patterns of structural variations in epithelial cancer genomes H. Thoreau, P. B. O. Tan, A. M. Hillmer, F. Yao, K. Inaki, W. H. Lee, P. N. Ariyaratne, A. S. M. Teo, X. Y. Woo, Z. Zhang, H. Zhao, L. Ukil, J. P. Chen, F. Zhu, J. B. Y. So, M. Salto-Tellez, W. T. Poh, K. F. B. Zawack, N. Nagarajan, S. Gao, G. Li, V. Kumar, H. P. J. Lim, Y. Y. Sia, C. S. Chan, S. T. Leong, S. C. Neo, P. S. D. Choi, A. Shahab, X. Ruan, J. Bergh, P. Hall, V. Cacheux-Rataboul, C.-L. Wei, K. G. Yeoh, W.-K. Sung, G. Bourque, E. T. Liu, Y. Ruan Genome Research
11 Jan 2011 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Hippo Pathway-independent Restriction of TAZ and YAP by Angiomotin S. W. Chan, C. J. Lim, Y. F. Chong, A. V. Pobbati, C. Huang, W. Hong Journal of Biological Chemistry
1 Feb 2010 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Structural basis of YAP recognition by TEAD4 in the Hippo pathway L. Chen, S. W. Chan, X. Zhang, M. Walsh, C. J. Lim, W. Hong, H. Song Genes & Development