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10 Sep 2022 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Longitudinal characterization of determinants associated with obesogenic growth patterns in early childhood Navin Michael, Varsha Gupta, Anna Fogel, Jonathan Huang, Li Chen, Suresh Anand Sadananthan, Yi Ying Ong, Izzuddin M Aris, Wei Wei Pang, Wen Lun Yuan, See Ling Loy, Mya Thway Tint, Kok Hian Tan, Jerry KY Chan, Shiao-Yng Chan, Lynette Pei-chi Shek, Fabian Yap, Keith Godfrey, Yap Seng Chong, Peter Gluckman, S Sendhil Velan, Ciarán G Forde, Yung Seng Lee, Johan G Eriksson, Neerja Karnani International Journal of Epidemiology
22 Apr 2021 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Neonatal amygdala microstructure mediates the relationship between gestational glycemia and offspring adiposity Shirong Cai, Izzuddin M Aris, Wen Lun Yuan, Kok Hian Tan, Keith M Godfrey, Peter D Gluckman, Lynette Pei-chi Shek, Yap-Seng Chong, Fabian Yap, Marielle V Fortier, Michael J Meaney, Yung Seng Lee, Anqi Qiu BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care
21 Aug 2017 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Body mass index trajectories in the first two years and subsequent childhood cardio-metabolic outcomes: a prospective multi-ethnic Asian cohort study. Izzuddin M Aris, Ling-Wei Chen, Mya Thway Tint, Wei Wei Pang, Shu E Soh, Seang Mei Saw, Lynette Pe-i-Chi Shek, Kok-Hian Tan, Peter D. Gluckman, Yap Seng Chong, Fabian Yap, Keith M. Godfrey, Michael S. Kramer, Yung Seng Lee Scientific Reports