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20 Sep 2023 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute Optimizing effector functions of monoclonal antibodies via tailored N-glycan engineering using a dual landing pad CHO targeted integration platform Ngan T. B. Nguyen, Hau Wan Leung, Kuin Tian Pang, Shi Jie Tay, Ian Walsh, Andre B. H. Choo, Yuansheng Yang Scientific Reports
7 Jun 2023 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute Understanding and controlling the molecular mechanisms of protein aggregation in mAb therapeutics (Pending publish) Kuin Tian Pang, Yuan Sheng Yang, Wei Zhang, Ying Swan Ho, Pietro Sormanni, Thomas C.T. Michaels, Ian Walsh, Sean Chia Biotechnology Advances
12 May 2023 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute Insight into muscle stem cell regeneration and mechanobiology Kuin Tian Pang, Larry Sai Weng Loo, Sean Chia, Francesca Yi Teng Ong, Hanry Yu, Ian Walsh Stem Cell Research &Therapy
22 Apr 2023 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute Enhancing pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of recombinant therapeutic proteins by manipulation of sialic acid content Sean Chia, Shi Jie Tay, Zhiwei Song, Yuansheng Yang, Ian Walsh, Kuin Tian Pang Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy
18 May 2021 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute Semi-Automated Glycoproteomic Data Analysis of LC-MS Data Using GlycopeptideGraphMS in Process Development of Monoclonal Antibody Biologics Kuin Tian Pang, Shi Jie Tay, Corrine Wan, Ian Walsh, Matthew S. F. Choo, Yuan Sheng Yang, Andre Choo, Ying Swan Ho, Terry Nguyen-Khuong Frontiers in Chemistry
9 Nov 2020 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute Utility of Ion-Mobility Spectrometry for Deducing Branching of Multiply Charged Glycans and Glycopeptides in a High-Throughput Positive ion LC-FLR-IMS-MS Workflow Edward G. Pallister, Matthew S. F. Choo, Ian Walsh, Jien Nee Tai, Shi Jie Tay, Yuan Sheng Yang, Say Kong Ng, Pauline M. Rudd, Sabine L. Flitsch, Terry Nguyen-Khuong Analytical Chemistry
9 Jun 2019 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute Combining Glucose Units, m/z, and Collision Cross Section Values: Multiattribute Data for Increased Accuracy in Automated Glycosphingolipid Glycan Identifications and Its Application in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Katherine Wongtrakul-Kish, Ian Walsh, Lyn Chiin Sim, Amelia Mak, Brian Liau, Vanessa Ding, Noor Hayati, Han Wang, Andre Choo, Pauline M. Rudd, Terry Nguyen-Khuong Analytical Chemistry
7 Aug 2018 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute GlycanAnalyzer: Software for Automated Interpretation of N-Glycan Profiles after Exoglycosidase Digestions Ian Walsh, Terry Nguyen-Khuong, Katherine Wongtrakul-Kish, Shi Jie Tay, Daniel Chew, Tasha Jose, Christopher H. Taron, Pauline M. Rudd Bioinformatics
20 Apr 2018 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute GlycoStore: a database of retention properties for glycan analysis Sophie Zhao, Ian Walsh, Jodie L. Abrahams, Louise Royle, Nguyen-Khuong Terry, Daniel Spencer, Daryl L. Fernandes, Nicolle H. Packer, Rudd Pauline M., Matthew P. Campbell Bioinformatics