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2 Jul 2022 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research iTD3-CLN: Learn to navigate in dynamic scene through Deep Reinforcement Learning Haoge Jiang, Mahdi Abolfazli Esfahani, Keyu Wu, Kong-Wah Wan, Kuan-kian Heng, Han Wang, Xudong Jiang Neurocomputing
31 Dec 2021 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research The Role of Global Labels in Few-Shot Classification and How to Infer Them Ruohan Wang, Massimiliano Pontil, Carlo Ciliberto 35th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2021)
16 Dec 2021 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Self-critical Learning of Influencing Factors for Trajectory Prediction using Gated Graph Convolutional Network Niraj Bhujel, Yau Wei Yun, Han Wang, Vijay Prakash Dwivedi 2021 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
24 Oct 2020 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Towards Understanding and Inferring the Crowd: Guided Second Order Attention Networks and Re-identification for Multi-object Tracking Bhujel Niraj, Jun LI, Yau Wei Yun, Han Wang 2020 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
9 Jun 2019 BMRC Bioprocessing Technology Institute Combining Glucose Units, m/z, and Collision Cross Section Values: Multiattribute Data for Increased Accuracy in Automated Glycosphingolipid Glycan Identifications and Its Application in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Katherine Wongtrakul-Kish, Ian Walsh, Lyn Chiin Sim, Amelia Mak, Brian Liau, Vanessa Ding, Noor Hayati, Han Wang, Andre Choo, Pauline M. Rudd, Terry Nguyen-Khuong Analytical Chemistry
5 Oct 2018 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Multi-modal Robot Apprenticeship: Imitation Learning using Linearly Decayed DMP+ in a Human-Robot Dialogue System Yan Wu, Ruohan Wang, Luis F. D'Haro, Rafael E. Banchs, Keng Peng Tee IROS2018
1 Dec 2017 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Investigation on the Roles of Human and Robot in Collaborative Storytelling Yan Wu, Ruohan Wang, Yong Ling Tay, Clarice J. Wong APSIPA ASC 2017
7 Mar 2016 SERC Institute for Infocomm Research Human-robot partnership: A study on collaborative storytelling Clarice Jiaying Wong, Yong Ling Tay, Ruohan Wang, Yan Wu 2016 11th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI)
26 Oct 2015 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Control of litchi downy blight by zeamines produced by Dickeya zeae Lisheng Liao, Jianuan Zhou, Huishan Wang, Fei He, Shiyin Liu, Zide Jiang, Shaohua Chen, Lian-Hui Zhang Scientific Reports
16 Nov 2013 SERC Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences Rh–Fe/Ca–Al2O3 : a unique catalyst for CO-free hydrogen production in low temperature ethanol steam reforming Catherine K. S. Choong, Luwei Chen, Yonghua Du, Zhan Wang, Liang Hong, Armando Borgna Topics In Catalysis