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19 Mar 2021 BMRC Institute of Bioengineering and Bioimaging An Improved Synthesis of N-(4-[18F]Fluorobenzoyl)-Interleukin-2 for the Preclinical PET Imaging of Tumour-Infiltrating T-cells in CT26 and MC38 Colon Cancer Models (Pending publish) Shivashankar Khanapur, Fui Fong Yong, Siddesh V. Hartimath, Lingfan Jiang, Boominathan Ramasamy, Peter Cheng, Pradeep Narayanaswamy, Julian L. Goggi, Edward George Robins Molecules
8 Aug 2020 BMRC Singapore Bioimaging Consortium Dopamine transporter neuroimaging accurately assesses the maturation of dopamine neurons in a preclinical model of Parkinson’s disease Julian L. Goggi, Lifeng Qiu, Mei Chih Liao, Shivashankar Khanapur, Lingfan Jiang, Ramasamy Boominathan, Siddesh V. Hartimath, Peter Cheng, Fui Fong Yong, Vanessa Soh, Xiaozhou Deng, Youshan Melissa Lin, Anna Haslop, Peng Wen Tan, Xiaoxia Zeng, Jolene W. L. Lee, Zhiwei Zhang, Pragalath Sadasivam, Eng King Tan, Sajinder Luthra, William D. Shingleton, Steve K. W. Oh, Li Zeng, Edward G. Robins Stem Cell Research & Therapy
12 May 2020 BMRC Singapore Bioimaging Consortium Longitudinal [18F]FB-IL-2 PET Imaging to Assess the Immunopathogenicity of O'nyong-nyong Virus Infection Yi-Hao Chan, Teck-Hui Teo, Torres-Ruesta Anthony, Siddesh V. Hartimath, Rhonda Sin-Ling Chee, Shivashankar Khanapur, Fui Fong Yong, Boominathan Ramasamy, Peter Cheng, Ravisankar Rajarethinam, Edward G. Robins, Julian L. Goggi, Fok-Moon Lum, Guillaume Carissimo, Laurent Renia, Lisa F. P. Ng Frontiers in immunology
31 Jan 2020 BMRC Singapore Bioimaging Consortium Examining Immunotherapy Response Using Multiple Radiotracers Julian L. Goggi, Siddesh V. Hartimath, Youyi Hwang, Yun Xuan Tan, Shivashankar Khanapur, Boominathan Ramasamy, Lingfan Jiang, Fui Fong Yong, Peter Cheng, Peng Wen Tan, Mohamed AR Husaini, Tsz Ying Yuen, Beverly Jieu, Ann-Marie Chacko, Anis Larbi, Laurent Renia, Charles Johannes, Edward G. Robins Molecular Imaging And Biology
12 Sep 2017 SERC Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences An alternative fragmentation pathway of 5H-1,4,2-oxathiazoles under basic conditions Fui Fong Yong, Russell J. Hewitt, Michelle J. H. Ong, Guanqi Qiu, Brendan A. Burkett ChemistrySelect
4 May 2017 SERC Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences Empirical and computational insights into N-arylation reactions catalyzed by palladium meta-terarylphosphine catalyst Fui Fong Yong, Adrian M. Mak, Wenqin Wu, Michael B. Sullivan, Edward G. Robins, Charles W. Johannes, Howard Jong, Yee Hwee Lim ChemPlusChem