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3 Dec 2019 BMRC p53 Laboratory Transmembrane signaling on a protocell: creation of receptor-enzyme chimeras for immunodetection of specific antibodies and antigens Jiulong Su, Tetsuya Kitaguchi, Yuki Ohmuro-Matsuyama, Theresa Seah, Farid J. Ghadessy, Shawn Hoon, Hiroshi Ueda Scientific Reports
28 May 2019 BMRC Institute of Medical Biology Bortezomib Stabilizes and Activates p53 in Proliferative Compartments of Both Normal and Tumor Tissues In Vivo Nick Barker, Shawn Hoon, Yuezhen Xue, Pingping He, Teena Thakur, Shifana Raja Abdeen, Priadarsini Maruthappan, Farid J. Ghadessy, David P. Lane Cancer Research
15 Feb 2019 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology Development and structural characterization of an engineered multi-copper oxidase reporter of protein–protein interactions Barindra Sana, Sharon M. Q. Chee, Jantana Wongsantichon, Sarada Raghavan, Robert C. Robinson, Farid J. Ghadessy Journal of Biological Chemistry
24 Sep 2018 BMRC p53 Laboratory Ultrasensitive dynamic light scattering based nanobiosensor for rapid anticancer drug screening Xin Ting Zheng, Walter L. Goh, Peter Yeow, David P. Lane, Farid J. Ghadessy, Yen Nee Tan Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
6 Dec 2017 SERC Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences Laccase-catalyzed synthesis of low-molecular-weight lignin-like oligomers and their application as UV blocking materials Jieyan Lim, Barindra Sana, Ranganathan Krishnan, Jayasree Seayad, Farid J. Ghadessy, Satyasankar Jana, Balamurugan Ramalingam Chemistry - An Asian Journal
7 Feb 2017 BMRC p53 Laboratory Anatomy of Mdm2 and Mdm4 in evolution Ban Xiong Tan, Hoe Peng Liew, Joy S. Chua, Farid J. Ghadessy, Yaw Sing Tan, David P. Lane, Cynthia R. Coffill Journal of Molecular Cell Biology
8 Sep 2016 BMRC p53 Laboratory Going native: Complete removal of protein purification affinity tags by simple modification of existing tags and proteases Hui Chin Goh, Radoslaw M. Sobota, Farid J. Ghadessy, Saurabh Nirantar Protein Expression and Purification
21 Jan 2016 BMRC Bioinformatics Institute The p53–Mdm2 interaction and the E3 ligase activity of Mdm2/Mdm4 are conserved from lampreys to humans Cynthia R. Coffill, Alison P. Lee, Jia Wei Siau, Sharon M. Chee, Thomas L. Joseph, Yaw Sing Tan, Arumugam Madhumalar, Boon-Hui Tay, Sydney Brenner, Chandra S. Verma, Farid J. Ghadessy, Byrappa Venkatesh, David P. Lane Genes & Development
19 Jun 2015 BMRC p53 Laboratory A highly sensitive fluorescent light-up probe for real-time detection of the endogenous protein target and its antagonism in live cells Junlong Geng, Walter L. Goh, Chongjing Zhang, David P. Lane, Bin Liu, Farid J. Ghadessy, Yen Nee Tan Journal of Materials Chemistry B
18 Mar 2015 BMRC p53 Laboratory Directed evolution of λ integrase activity and specificity by genetic derepression Sharon Chee, Farid J. Ghadessy, Jia Wei Siau, Harshyaa Makhija, Cho Mar Myint Wai, Shree Harsha Vijaya Chandra Chandra, Sabrina Peter, Peter Dröge Protein Engineering, Design & Selection
29 Jan 2014 BMRC p53 Laboratory The Fluorescent Two-Hybrid Assay to Screen for Protein–Protein Interaction Inhibitors in Live Cells: Targeting the Interaction of p53 with Mdm2 and Mdm4 Larisa Yurlova, Maarten Derks, Andrea Buchfellner, Ian Hickson, Marc Janssen, Denise Morrison, Ian Stansfield, Christopher J. Brown, Farid J. Ghadessy, David P. Lane, Ulrich Rothbauer, Kourosh Zolghadr, Eberhard Krausz Journal of Biomolecular Screening
1 Feb 2010 BMRC p53 Laboratory Mdm2 and p53 are highly conserved from placozoans to man David P. Lane, Chit Fang Cheok, Christopher Brown, Arumugam Madhumalar, Farid J. Ghadessy, Chandra Verma Cell Cycle