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22 Feb 2020 BMRC Skin Research Institute of Singapore Heterochromatin loss as a determinant of progerin-induced DNA damage in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria. Alexandre Chojnowski, Peh Fern Ong, Mattheus Xing Rong Foo, David Liebl, Louis-Peter Hor, Colin L. Stewart, Oliver Dreesen Aging Cell
15 Nov 2018 BMRC Skin Research Institute of Singapore 2C-BioID: An Advanced Two Component BioID System for Precision Mapping of Protein Interactomes. Alexandre Chojnowski, Radoslaw M. Sobota, Peh Fern Ong, Wei Xie, Xianrong Wong, Oliver Dreesen, Brian Burke, Colin L. Stewart iScience
25 Feb 2013 BMRC Skin Research Lab Lamin B1 fluctuations have differential effects on cellular proliferation and senescence (Pending publish) Oliver Dreesen, Alexandre Chojnowski, Peh Fern Ong, Tian Yun Zhao, John E. Common, Declan Lunny, E. Birgitte Lane, Shu Jin Lee, Leah A. Vardy, Colin L. Stewart, Alan Colman Journal of Cell Biology
31 Jan 2013 BMRC Institute of Medical Biology LBR and Lamin A/C Sequentially Tether Peripheral Heterochromatin and Inversely Regulate Differentiation Stefan Krebs, Monika Zwerger, Tatiana V. Cohen, Irina Solovei, Audrey S. Wang, Katharina Thanisch, Christine S. Schmidt, Didier Devys, Roland Foisner, Leo Peichl, Harald Herrmann, Helmut Blum, Dieter Engelkamp, Colin L. Stewart, Heinrich Leonhardt, Boris Joffe Cell
27 Apr 2012 BMRC Institute of Medical Biology Accumulation of the Inner Nuclear Envelope Protein Sun1 Is Pathogenic in Progeric and Dystrophic Laminopathies Chia-Yen Chen, Ya-Hui Chi, Rafidah Abdul Mutalif, Matthew F. Starost, Timothy G. Myers, Stasia A. Anderson, Colin L. Stewart, Kuan-Teh Jeang Cell
23 Dec 2010 BMRC Institute of Medical Biology A Human iPSC Model of Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Reveals Vascular Smooth Muscle and Mesenchymal Stem Cell Defects Alan Colman, Jinqiu Zhang, Qizhou Lian, Guili Zhu, Fan Zhou, Lin Sui, Cindy Tan, Rafidah Abdul Mutalif, Raju Navasankari, Yuelin Zhang, Hung-fat Tse, Colin L. Stewart Cell Stem Cell
14 Sep 2010 BMRC Institute of Medical Biology Functional Coupling between the Extracellular Matrix and Nuclear Lamina by Wnt Signaling in Progeria Lidia Hernandez, Kyle J. Roux, Esther Sook Miin Wong, Leslie C. Mounkes, Rafidah Mutalif, Raju Navasankari, Bina Rai, Simon Cool, Jae-Wook Jeong, Honghe Wang, Hyun-Shik Lee, Serguei Kozlov, Martin Grunert, Thomas Keeble, C. Michael Jones, Margarita D. Meta, Stephen G. Young, Ira O. Daar, Brian Burke, Alan O. Perantoni, Colin L. Stewart Developmental Cell