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Publication date Communities Collections Article title Author(s) Journal/Conference
16 May 2015 SERC Data Storage Institute Dedicated Servo Recording System and Performance Evaluation Zhi-Min Yuan, Jianzhong Shi, Chun Lian Ong, Pantelis Sophoclis Alexopoulos, Chunling Du, Anmin Kong, Shiming Ang, Budi Santoso, Siang Huei Leong, Kheong Sann Chan, Yibin Ng, Kui Cai, Jack TSAI, Hanxiang Ng, Tan Hang Khume Magnetics, IEEE Transactions on
10 Dec 2014 SERC Data Storage Institute Hysteresis Modeling and Compensation of PZT Milliactuator in Hard Disk Drives Zhen Zhang, Chunling Du, Tingting Gao, Lihua Xie Control Automation Robotics & Vision (ICARCV), 2014 13th International Conference on
29 Oct 2014 SERC Data Storage Institute Direct Closed-Loop Identification of Mechanical Resonances Above the Nyquist Frequency Without Any External Persistently Exciting Signals Weili Yan, Chunling Du, Chee Khiang Pang IECON 2014 – 40th Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
24 Aug 2014 SERC Data Storage Institute Multirate Adaptive Compensation of Uncertain Resonances Beyond the Nyquist Frequency Chee Khiang Pang, Weili Yan, Chunling Du IFAC2014: the 19th IFAC World Congress
14 Jul 2014 SERC Data Storage Institute Three-stage Control for High Servo Bandwidth and Small Skew Actuation Chunling Du, Cheng Peng Tan, Jiaping Yang IEEE transactions on magnetics
27 Mar 2014 SERC Data Storage Institute An Integrated Plant/Control Design Method and Application in Hard Disk Drives Lihua Xie, Tingting Gao, Chunling Du, Weijie Sun International Journal of Systems Science
26 Jun 2013 SERC Data Storage Institute Intelligent Diagnosis of Structural Cracks with Optimized Sensing Network Shudong Liu, Chunling Du, Jingliang Zhang Microsystem Technologies