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14 Jun 2017 BMRC Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology A 3D microfluidic model for preclinical evaluation of TCR-engineered T cells against solid tumors Andrea Pavesi, Anthony T. Tan, Sarene Koh, Adeline Chia, Marta Colombo, Emanuele Antonecchia, Carlo Miccolis, Erica Ceccarello, Giulia Adriani, Manuela T. Raimondi, Roger D. Kamm, Antonio Bertoletti JCI Insight
26 Jun 2014 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Toll-Like Receptor 8 Agonist and Bacteria Trigger Potent Activation of Innate Immune Cells in Human Liver Juandy Jo, Anthony T. Tan, James E. Ussher, Elena Sandalova, Xin-Zi Tang, Alfonso Tan-Garcia, Natalie To, Michelle Hong, Adeline Chia, Upkar S. Gill, Patrick T. Kennedy, Kai Chah Tan, Kang Hoe Lee, Gennaro De Libero, Adam J. Gehring, Christian B. Willberg, Paul Klenerman, Antonio Bertoletti, Christopher M. Walker PLoS Pathogens
19 Aug 2010 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Contribution of Herpesvirus Specific CD8 T Cells to Anti-Viral T Cell Response in Humans Elena Sandalova, Diletta Laccabue, Carolina Boni, Anthony T. Tan, Katja Fink, Eng Eong Ooi, Robert Chua, Bahar Shafaeddin Schreve, Carlo Ferrari, Antonio Bertoletti, Liisa Selin PLoS Pathogens
27 Apr 2009 BMRC Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences Profile of Tumor Antigen-Specific CD8 T Cells in Patients With Hepatitis B Virus-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma Adam J. Gehring, Zi Zong Ho, Anthony T. Tan, Myat Oo Aung, Kang Hoe Lee, Kai Chah Tan, Seng Gee Lim, Antonio Bertoletti Gastroenterology