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19 Nov 2012 Others Singapore Immunology Network Viperin restricts chikungunya virus replication and pathology Terk-Shin Teng, Suan-Sin Foo, Diane Simamarta, Fok-Moon Lum, Teck-Hui Teo, Aleksei Lulla, Nicholas K.W. Yeo, Esther G.L. Koh, Angela Chow, Yee-Sin Leo, Andres Merits, Keh-Chuang Chin, Lisa F.P. Ng Journal of Clinical Investigation
5 Mar 2012 Others Singapore Immunology Network Early neutralizing IgG response to Chikungunya virus in infected patients targets a dominant linear epitope on the E2 glycoprotein Yiu-Wing Kam, Fok-Moon Lum, Teck-Hui Teo, Wendy W. L. Lee, Diane Simarmata, Sumitro Harjanto, Chong-Long Chua, Yoke-Fun Chan, Jin-Kiat Wee, Angela Chow, Raymond T. P. Lin, Yee-Sin Leo, Roger Le Grand, I-Ching Sam, Joo-Chuan Tong, Pierre Roques, Karl-Heinz Wiesmüller, Laurent Renia, Olaf Rotzschke, Lisa F. P. Ng EMBO Molecular Medicine
1 Oct 2010 Others Experimental Drug Development Centre Emergence of Oseltamivir-Resistant Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Virus within 48 Hours Masafumi Inoue, Timothy Barkham, Yee-Sin Leo, Kwai-Peng Chan, Angela Chow, Christopher W. Wong, Raphael Tze-Chuen Lee, Sebastian Maurer-Stroh, Raymond Lin, Cui Lin Emerging Infectious Diseases
21 Jan 2009 Others Singapore Immunology Network IL-1β, IL-6, and RANTES as Biomarkers of Chikungunya Severity Lisa F. P. Ng, Angela Chow, Yong-Jiang Sun, Dyan J. C. Kwek, Poh-Lian Lim, Frederico Dimatatac, Lee-Ching Ng, Eng-Eong Ooi, Khar-Heng Choo, Zhisheng Her, Philippe Kourilsky, Yee-Sin Leo, Derya Unutmaz PLoS ONE