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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993-09-18The Heaven and Earth Virtual Reality: Designing Applications for Novice UsersFairchild, Kim Michael; Lee, Beng Hai; Loo, Joel Peing Ling; Ng, Hern; Serra, Luis
1993-11Dynamic FishEye Information VisualisationsFairchild, Kim Michael; Serra, Luis; Ng, Hern; Ang, Tin Leong; Lee, Beng Hai
2002-07-01AFP+, ESC-Derived Cells Engraft and Differentiate into Hepatocytes in VivoYin, Yijun; Lim, Yew Koon; Salto-Tellez, Manuel; Ng, Soon Chye; Lin, Chyuan-Sheng; Lim, Sai-Kiang
2002-10-28Real Time Head Tracking and Face and Eyes DetectionHuang, Weimin; Luo, Ruijiang; Zhang, Haihong; Lee, Beng Hai; Rajapakse, Menaka
2002-11-09Face Recognition by Incremental Learning for Robotic InteractionHuang, Weimin; Lee, Beng Hai; Rajapakse, Menaka; Li, Liyuan
2003-10-05Face Recognition by Incremental LearningHuang, Weimin; Lee, Beng Hai; Li, Liyuan; Leman, Karianto
2004-02-05Embryonic Cell Lines with Endothelial Potential: An In Vitro System for Studying Endothelial DifferentiationYin, Yijun; Que, Jianwen; Teh, Ming; Cao, Wei Ping; Oakley, Reida; Lim, Sai-Kiang
2004-03-13Myocardial infarction in the C57BL/6J mouse: A quantifiable and highly reproducible experimental modelSalto-Tellez, Manuel; Yung Lim, Sing; El Oakley, Reida Menshawe; Tang, Tiffany Pooi Ling; ALmsherqi, Zakaria Ali Moh; Lim, Sai-Kiang
2004-06-24Structure of the N-terminal half of gelsolin bound to actin: roles in severing, apoptosis and FAFBurtnick, Leslie D; Urosev, Dunja; Irobi, Edward; Narayan, Kartik; Robinson, Robert C
2006Optimal Solution to Adaptive Subcarrier-and-bit Allocation in Multiclass Multiuser OFDM SystemZhou, Kainan; Chew, Yong Huat; Wu, Yan
2006-05Combined Loss of Cdk2 and Cdk4 Results in Embryonic Lethality and Rb HypophosphorylationBerthet, Cyril; Klarmann, Kimberly D.; Hilton, Mary Beth; Suh, Hyung Chan; Keller, Jonathan R.; Kiyokawa, Hiroaki; Kaldis, Philipp
2006-06-13A two-dimensional probability model for evaluating reliability of piezoelectric micro-actuatorsHe, Zhimin; Loh, Han Tong; Xie, Min
2006-10-19Derivation of Clinically Compliant MSCs from CD105+, CD24− Differentiated Human ESCsLian, Qizhou; Lye, Elias; Suan Yeo, Keng; Khia Way Tan, Eileen; Salto-Tellez, Manuel; Liu, Tong Ming; Palanisamy, Nallasivam; El Oakley, Reida Menshawe; Lee, Eng Hin; Lim, Bing; Lim, Sai-Kiang
2006-12-20Establishing Clonal Cell Lines with Endothelial-Like Potential from CD9hi, SSEA-1− Cells in Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Embryoid BodiesLian, Qizhou; Yeo, KengSuan; Que, Jianwen; Tan, EileenKhiaWay; Yu, Fenggang; Yin, Yijun; Salto-Tellez, Manuel; Oakley, Reida Menshawe El; Lim, Sai-Kiang; Zwaka, Thomas
2007-08-16Wip1 Phosphatase Regulates p53-Dependent Apoptosis of Stem Cells and Tumorigenesis in the Mouse IntestineDemidov, Oleg N.; Timofeev, Oleg; Lwin, Hnin N.Y.; Kek, Calvina; Appella, Ettore; Bulavin, Dmitry V.
2007-09-25PI3 K/Akt/mTOR-mediated translational control regulates proliferation and differentiation of lineage-restricted RoSH stem cell linesQue, Jianwen; Lian, Qizhou; El Oakley, Reida M; Lim, Bing; Lim, Sai-Kiang
2007-12-20Distinct Role for CD8 T Cells toward Cutaneous Tumors and Visceral MetastasesLengagne, R.; Graff-Dubois, S.; Garcette, M.; Renia, L.; Kato, M.; Guillet, J.-G.; Engelhard, V. H.; Avril, M.-F.; Abastado, J.-P.; Prevost-Blondel, A.
2008Detect Climatic Factors Contributing to Dengue Outbreak based on Wavelet, Support Vector Machines and Genetic AlgorithmWu, Yan; Lee, Gary; Fu, Xiuju; Hung, Terence
2008-01-02Probing Host Pathogen Cross-Talk by Transcriptional Profiling of Both Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Infected Human Dendritic Cells and MacrophagesTailleux, Ludovic; Waddell, Simon J.; Pelizzola, Mattia; Mortellaro, Alessandra; Withers, Michael; Tanne, Antoine; Castagnoli, Paola Ricciardi; Gicquel, Brigitte; Stoker, Neil G.; Butcher, Philip D.; Foti, Maria; Neyrolles, Olivier; Unutmaz, Derya