Open Glossary: Jon Tennant and Ross Mounce, in a crowd-sourced effort, created a very useful resource for anyone interested in open scholarship. You can download the Open Glossary and also have a look at the original blog post.

Did you know ….?

  1. Individual articles can often be made Open Access (OA) by the author, even if they are published in a subscription based journal
  2. Many journal publishers (eg. Elsevier, IEEE, Springer) allow authors to deposit a version of their articles in an institutional repository
  3. Once in a repository, articles can be discovered via Google / Google Scholar, and the full text can be freely accessed
  4. Greater access means a larger potential readership, and may lead to more citations
  5. Singapore research funding agencies and universities have OA policies

How much do you know about Open Access?

For more information about Open Access Week and OA :

  1. Open Access Week : A global annual event which aims to raise awareness on the potential benefits of OA. Click Here!
  2. Open Access Directory: A comprehensive and up-to-date wiki on all matters relating to OA. Click Here!
  3. ROARMAP: A registry of OA mandates adopted by research funders and institutions around the world (including Singapore). Click Here!
  4. A*STAR OA Policy: Effective from 1 Aug 2013. Click Here!
  5. SPARC: Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition: An international alliance of academic and research libraries working to create a more open system of scholarly communication. Click Here!
  6. Richard Poynder’s Blog: Poynder has been described as the “chronicler, conscience, and gadfly laureate” of the OA movement. The blog captures his writings and interviews with funding & research administrators, researchers & scientists, publishers on matters related to OA. Click Here!