Nanoarchitecture-Integrated Hydrogel Systems toward Therapeutic Applications

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Nanoarchitecture-Integrated Hydrogel Systems toward Therapeutic Applications
Nanoarchitecture-Integrated Hydrogel Systems toward Therapeutic Applications
Journal Title:
ACS Nano
Publication Date:
18 April 2023
Zhu, H., Zheng, J., Oh, X. Y., Chan, C. Y., Low, B. Q. L., Tor, J. Q., Jiang, W., Ye, E., Loh, X. J., & Li, Z. (2023). Nanoarchitecture-Integrated Hydrogel Systems toward Therapeutic Applications. ACS Nano, 17(9), 7953–7978.
Hydrogels, as one of the most feasible soft biomaterials, have gained considerable attention in therapeutic applications by virtue of their tunable properties including superior patient compliance, excellent biocompatibility and biodegradation, and high cargo-loading efficiency. However, hydrogel application is still limited by some challenges like inefficient encapsulation, easy leakage of loaded cargoes, and the lack of controllability. Recently, nanoarchitecture integrated hydrogel systems were found to be novel therapeutics with optimized properties, extremely extending their bioapplication. In this review, we briefly presented the category of hydrogels according to their synthetic materials and further discussed the advantages in bioapplication. Additionally, various applications of nanoarchitecture hybrid hydrogels in biomedical engineering are systematically summarized, including cancer therapy, wound healing, cardiac repair, bone regeneration, diabetes therapy, and obesity therapy. Lastly, the current challenges, limitations, and future perspectives in the future development of nanoarchitecture-integrated flexible hydrogels are addressed.
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Publisher Copyright
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The authors would like to acknowledge the A∗STAR Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) Central Research Fund (Use-inspired Basic Research) for support of this project.
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