MXenes in sulfur cathodes for lithium–sulfur batteries

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MXenes in sulfur cathodes for lithium–sulfur batteries
MXenes in sulfur cathodes for lithium–sulfur batteries
Journal Title:
Journal of Materials Research
Publication Date:
27 October 2022
Wong, A. J. Y., Lieu, W. Y., Yang, H. Y., & Seh, Z. W. (2022). MXenes in sulfur cathodes for lithium–sulfur batteries. Journal of Materials Research, 37(22), 3890–3905.
Lithium–sulfur batteries are one of the most promising candidates that could replace lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) as the dominant energy storage technology in the future. This is due to sulfur's relative abundance and affordability compared to the transition metals used in standard cathodes (such as cobalt) and their superior theoretical specific energy (2567 Wh/kg) compared to LIBs. However, these sulfur cathodes are still bogged down by 3 significant problems: polysulfide dissolution and shuttling, sluggish reaction kinetics, and significant volumetric changes in the cathode during cycling. MXenes may hold the key to making sulfur cathodes viable because they possess ideal characteristics such as high specific surface areas and tuneable electrocatalytic properties. Herein, we will explore how MXenes have been able to solve the three existing issues of polysulfide dissolution, slow kinetics, and cathode pulverization, as well as propose new potential ways they can be used in sulfur cathodes.
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This research / project is supported by the National Research Foundation - NRF Fellowship
Grant Reference no. : NRF-NRFF2017-04

This research is supported by core funding from: SERC
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