Real-Time Ratiometric Optical Nanoscale Thermometry

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Checked on Sep 26, 2023
Real-Time Ratiometric Optical Nanoscale Thermometry
Real-Time Ratiometric Optical Nanoscale Thermometry
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ACS Nano
Publication Date:
20 January 2023
Chen, Y., Li, C., Yang, T., Ekimov, E. A., Bradac, C., Ha, S. T., Toth, M., Aharonovich, I., & Tran, T. T. (2023). Real-Time Ratiometric Optical Nanoscale Thermometry. ACS Nano, 17(3), 2725–2736.
All-optical nanothermometry has become a powerful, remote tool for measuring nanoscale temperatures in applications ranging from medicine to nano-optics and solidstate nanodevices. The key features of any candidate nanothermometer are brightness, sensitivity, and (signal, spatial, and temporal) resolution. Here, we demonstrate a real-time, diamond-based nanothermometry technique with excellent sensitivity (1.8% K−1) and record-high resolution (5.8 × 104 K Hz−1/2 W cm−2) based on codoped nanodiamonds. The distinct performance of our approach stems from two factors: (i) temperature sensorsnanodiamonds cohosting two group IV color centersengineered to emit spectrally separated Stokes and anti-Stokes fluorescence signals under excitation by a single laser source and (ii) a parallel detection scheme based on filtering optics and high-sensitivity photon counters for fast readout. We demonstrate the performance of our method by monitoring temporal changes in the local temperature of a microcircuit and a MoTe2 field-effect transistor. Our work advances a powerful, alternative strategy for time-resolved temperature monitoring and mapping of micro-/nanoscale devices such as microfluidic channels, nanophotonic circuits, and nanoelectronic devices, as well as complex biological environments such as tissues and cells.
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This research / project is supported by the A*STAR - Young Individual Research Grant (YIRG)
Grant Reference no. : A2084c0177

This research / project is supported by the A*STAR - MTC Programmatic Fund
Grant Reference no. : M21J9b0085

Overseas Fundings: - 1) Australian Research Council (DE220100487, CE200100010, DP190101058) 2) Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development (FA2386-20-1-4014) 3) Russian Science Foundation, Grant No. 19-12-00407 4) NSERC (RGPIN-2021-03059) and CFI JELF (#41173)
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