Novel Halomethylketone Azadipeptides for Treating COVID-19

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Checked on Jun 17, 2024
Novel Halomethylketone Azadipeptides for Treating COVID-19
Novel Halomethylketone Azadipeptides for Treating COVID-19
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ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters
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27 May 2022
Chia, C. S. B., & See, Y. Y. (2022). Novel Halomethylketone Azadipeptides for Treating COVID-19. ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 13(6), 875–876.
COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. It rapidly escalated into a global pandemic, causing more than 6 million fatalities by March 2022, a little over 2 years since its emergence in December 2019. The first peptidomimetic coronavirus main protease inhibitor, nirmatrelvir, was granted Emergency Use Authorization by the U.S. FDA on Dec 22, 2021. Less than a month after its patent application, Hoffmann La-Roche scientists filed a patent application describing azadipeptide peptidomimetic inhibitors (WO 2022/043374 A1). This patent highlight reveals the structure–activity relationship of key azadipeptide inhibitors described in the patent.
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This research is supported by core funding from: Experimental Drug Development Centre
Grant Reference no. : NRF2021-IE-IECF-001
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