Addressing the assembly challenges of Antenna-in-package

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Addressing the assembly challenges of Antenna-in-package
Addressing the assembly challenges of Antenna-in-package
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2021 IEEE 23rd Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC)
Publication Date:
05 January 2022
Lim, S. P. S., Chong, S. C., Wee, D. H. S., Seit, W. W., Soh, J. J., & Chai, T. C. (2021). Addressing the assembly challenges of Antenna-in-package. 2021 IEEE 23rd Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC).
In the recent years, there is high demand to have a safe and comfortable driving environment. There is emerging trend of developing Advanced Driver Assistance systems to improve driving efficiency and safety. In addition, the autonomous driving gaining much more attention [1]. Thus, more lower cost and higher performance antennas are required for automotive systems. There are many reports and literature on antenna packaging solutions for 77-GHz automotive radar system. The Antenna in Package (AiP) is able to integrate a single transceiver chip along with antennas and baseband processor to form a complete system [2, 3].In this paper, a 2-layer mold FOWLP Antenna in Package is designed for 77 GHz automotive radar application. Die pick & place process and molding process are evaluated to achieve ± 10 um die shift capability. The 300mm Fanout molded wafer is 0.6 mm thick at a package size of 16 x 16 mm 2 after singulation. Detailed process parameters on pick and place, die shift compensation, molding and debonding process to achieve less than 10um die shift and protrusion will be discussed in this work. In addition, Xray showed no solder voids after solderball attachment process. Ductile failure mode is achieved after ball shear process.
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This research is supported by core funding from: Institute of Microelectronics
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