Tf-GCZSL: Task-free generalized continual zero-shot learning

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Tf-GCZSL: Task-free generalized continual zero-shot learning
Tf-GCZSL: Task-free generalized continual zero-shot learning
Journal Title:
Neural Networks
Publication Date:
06 September 2022
Gautam, C., Parameswaran, S., Mishra, A., & Sundaram, S. (2022). Tf-GCZSL: Task-free generalized continual zero-shot learning. Neural Networks, 155, 487–497.
Learning continually from a stream of training data or tasks with an ability to learn the unseen classes using a zero-shot learning framework is gaining attention in the literature. It is referred to as continual zero-shot learning (CZSL). Existing CZSL requires clear task-boundary information during training which is not practically feasible. This paper proposes a task-free generalized CZSL (Tf-GCZSL) method with short-term/long-term memory to overcome the requirement of task-boundary in training. A variational autoencoder (VAE) handles the fundamental ZSL tasks. The short-term and long-term memory helps to overcome the condition of the task boundary in the CZSL framework. Further, the proposed Tf-GCZSL method combines the concept of experience replay with dark knowledge distillation and regularization to overcome the catastrophic forgetting issues in a continual learning framework. Finally, the Tf-GCZSL uses a fully connected classifier developed using the synthetic features generated at the latent space of the VAE. The performance of the proposed Tf-GCZSL is evaluated in the existing task-agnostic prediction setting and the proposed task-free setting for the generalized CZSL over the five ZSL benchmark datasets. The results clearly indicate that the proposed Tf-GCZSL improves the prediction at least by 12%, 1%, 3%, 4%, and 3% over existing state-of-the-art and baseline methods for CUB, aPY, AWA1, AWA2, and SUN datasets, respectively in both settings (task-agnostic prediction and task-free learning). The source code is available at
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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
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This research / project is supported by the National Research Foundation - AI Singapore Programme
Grant Reference no. : AISG2-RP-2021-027

Wipro IISc Research and Innovation Network (WIRIN, India, Grant No: 99325T)
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