All-optical modulation in chains of silicon nanoantennas

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All-optical modulation in chains of silicon nanoantennas
All-optical modulation in chains of silicon nanoantennas
Journal Title:
ACS Photonics
Publication Date:
28 February 2020
ACS Photonics 2020, 7, 4, 1001–1008
Dielectric nanoantennas represent a new branch of nanophotonics that allows efficient control of light scattering at nanoscale. Coupled nanoantennas can guide light on a chip over large distances without radiation losses, enabling a new nanoantenna-based silicon photonics platform with enchanced functionalities for light-on-chip integration. Here, an all-optical on-chip modulator based on a one-dimensional chain of silicon nanoantennas is proposed and experimentally demonstrated in the 1.55 μm telecommunication wavelength range. A resonator, with a quality factor up to 104, is designed on the basis of a chain of coupled silicon nanoantennas, each supporting the electric dipole Mie resonance. Wafer-level fabrication of the nanoantennas is realized using CMOS compatible photolithography. High-speed modulation of the cavity mode is experimentally demonstrated via optical injection of free electrons and holes using a pulsed laser. The modulator is shown to have a response time of 50 ps and modulation depth beyond 25 dB, with 10 dB switching power being as low as ∼50 fJ. Low power and high-speed switching of the proposed device combined with the large-scale fabrication capabilities pave the way to applications of this dielectric nanoantenna-based approach to industrial on-chip photonics.
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Publisher Copyright
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This research / project is supported by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research - SERC Pharos program
Grant Reference no. : 152 73 00025
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