APMP.QM-K111—propane in nitrogen

APMP.QM-K111—propane in nitrogen
APMP.QM-K111—propane in nitrogen
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01 January 2018
Tsai-Yin Lin et al 2018 Metrologia 55 08008
This document describes the result of a key comparison for propane in nitrogen. The nominal amount-of-substance fraction of propane is 1000 μmol/mol. The comparison aimed to assess the measurement capability of participants in gas analysis. Nine NMIs or DIs participated in the comparison. CERI participated in a key comparison CCQM-K111—propane in nitrogen, and coordinated this key comparison. Therefore, every participants' results of this comparison are linking to the CCQM-K111. Gravimetric values of the samples were used as key comparison reference values (KCRVs). Measured values of eight participants were within ± 0.25 % of the KCRVs. Many participants reported purity or impurity analysis of materials. These results are also able to assess the participants' capability of the analysis.
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Chemical Metrology Programme under MTI ( 2012 - 2021)
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