Seasonal Water Vapor Pressure Models for Cloud Detection

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Seasonal Water Vapor Pressure Models for Cloud Detection
Seasonal Water Vapor Pressure Models for Cloud Detection
Journal Title:
2019 IEEE Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference
Publication Date:
19 March 2020
S. Manandhar, S. J. J. Ang, Y. H. Lee and Y. S. Meng, "Seasonal Water Vapor Pressure Models for Cloud Detection," 2019 IEEE Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC), Singapore, Singapore, 2019, pp. 889-890, doi: 10.1109/APMC46564.2019.9038691.
Water vapor pressure plays an important role in cloud formation. In the literature, a water vapor pressure model has been introduced for cloud detection. This model derives a critical water vapor pressure value using the data from tropical region. In this paper, critical water vapor models for the subtropical and temperate regions are further investigated. It is noted that previous water vapor pressure model for the tropical region did not include the seasonal effects, as there are negligible seasonal fluctuations. However, for the sub-tropical and temperate regions, seasonal fluctuations become significant and therefore, the water vapor pressure values at different seasons have to be investigated. Correspondingly, season-dependent critical water vapor pressure models are analyzed for cloud detection.
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This research is supported by the Core Funding of A*STAR
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