Data Analysis for Anomaly Detection to Secure Rail Network

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Data Analysis for Anomaly Detection to Secure Rail Network
Data Analysis for Anomaly Detection to Secure Rail Network
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IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Rail Transport (ICIRT 2018)
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12 December 2018
The security, safety and reliability of rail systems are of the utmost importance. In order to better detect and prevent anomalies, it is necessary to accurately study and analyze the network traffic and abnormal behaviors, as well as to detect and alert any anomalies if happened. This paper focuses on data analysis for anomaly detection with Wireshark and packet analysis system. An alert function is also developed to provide an alert when abnormality happens. Rail network traffic data have been captured and analyzed so that their network features are obtained and used to detect the abnormality. To improve efficiency, a packet analysis system is introduced to receive the network flow and analyze data automatically. The provision of two detection methods, i.e., the Wireshark detection and the packet analysis system together with the alert function will facilitate the timely detection of abnormality and triggering of alert in the rail network.
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This work is supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF), Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore, under its National Cybersecurity R&D Programme (Award No. NRF2014NCR-NCR001-31) and administered by the National Cybersecurity R&D Directorate.
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