Feature-less Stitching of Cylindrical Tunnel

Feature-less Stitching of Cylindrical Tunnel
Feature-less Stitching of Cylindrical Tunnel
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IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Science
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06 June 2018
Traditional image stitching algorithms use transforms such as homography to combine different views of a scene. They usually work well when the scene is planar or when the camera is only rotated, keeping its position static. This severely limits their use in real world scenarios where an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) potentially hovers around and flies in an enclosed area while rotating to capture a video sequence. We utilize known scene geometry along with recorded camera trajectory to create cylindrical images captured in a given environment such as a tunnel where the camera rotates around its center. The captured images of the inner surface of the given scene are combined to create a composite panoramic image that is textured onto a 3D geometrical object in Unity graphical engine to create an immersive environment for end users.
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