All-dielectric planar chiral metasurface with gradient geometric phase

All-dielectric planar chiral metasurface with gradient geometric phase
All-dielectric planar chiral metasurface with gradient geometric phase
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Optics Express
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05 March 2018
Zhijie Ma, Yi Li, Yang Li, Yandong Gong, Stefan A. Maier, and Minghui Hong, "All-dielectric planar chiral metasurface with gradient geometric phase," Opt. Express 26, 6067-6078 (2018)
Planar optical chirality of a metasurface measures its differential response between left and right circularly polarized (CP) lights and governs the asymmetric transmission of CP lights. In 2D ultra-thin plasmonic structures the circular dichroism is limited to 25% in theory and it requires high absorption loss. Here we propose and numerically demonstrate a planar chiral all-dielectric metasurface that exhibits giant circular dichroism and transmission asymmetry over 0.8 for circularly polarized lights with negligible loss, without bringing in bianisotropy or violating reciprocity. The metasurface consists of arrays of high refractive index germanium Z-shape resonators that break the in-plane mirror symmetry and induce cross-polarization conversion. Furthermore, at the transmission peak of one handedness, the transmitted light is efficiently converted into the opposite circular polarization state, with a designated geometric phase depending on the orientation angle of the optical element. In this way, the optical component sets before and after the metasurface to filter the light of certain circular polarization states are not needed and the metasurface can function under any linear polarization, in contrast to the conventional setup for geometry phase based metasurfaces. Anomalous transmission and two-dimensional holography based on the geometric phase chiral metasurface are numerically demonstrate as proofs of concept.
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