An Efficient Feature Matrix for Urban Noise Annoyance Measurement

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An Efficient Feature Matrix for Urban Noise Annoyance Measurement
An Efficient Feature Matrix for Urban Noise Annoyance Measurement
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IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things 2018
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08 February 2018
Traditionally the noise measurement and monitoring are based on the average A-weighting sound pressure level. An example that music with high loudness level does not disturb us shows using A-weighting sound pressure level only is insufficient. It is desirable to study the noise annoyance measuring method for urban environmental noise monitor and control. In this paper, we propose an efficient noise annoyance measurement scheme which uses less noise features with two dimensions. Supervised with more accurate annoyance score obtained through a novel subjective listening test, the proposed scheme efficiently reduces the dimension of noise annoyance matrix by using a forward iterative method. We also analyze the influence of different noise features to the annoyance level. The analysis shows that the $90$ percentile instantaneous loudness is the most significant feature and tonality is the second significant feature for annoyance measurement. The efficiency of proposed annoyance matrices finally is verified using several linear regression methods.
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This material is based on research/work supported by the Singapore Ministry of National Development and National Research Foundation under No.L2NICCFP1-2013-7
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