Automating the Visual Inspection of Aircraft

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Automating the Visual Inspection of Aircraft
Automating the Visual Inspection of Aircraft
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Singapore Aerospace Technology and Engineering Conference (SATEC) 2018
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07 February 2018
During pre-flight inspection, technical competency is required to identify obstructions and observable damage that may impact on the airworthiness of aircraft. This can be challenging for ground crew who may be limited by time, manpower, or views of an aircraft. In this paper, we describe an R&D project that is designed to visually inspect the surface of aircraft using commercially available cameras. Providing a high-level description, we touch on some of the approaches used to identify different types of surface defects, including how this information is visualized back to the end user. The goal of this research is to work towards a more automated process of inspection using computer vision solutions. Subsequently, with an industry focused on reducing manpower and operational costs, the ability to automate the detection and documentation of aircraft defects is a relevant and timely issue.
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