UWB Positioning Accuracy and Enhancements

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UWB Positioning Accuracy and Enhancements
UWB Positioning Accuracy and Enhancements
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Proc. of the 2017 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON)
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07 November 2017
Requirements of different applications and usage scenarios on a wireless positioning system is very different. A single positioning system is unlikely to meet all the requirements. UWB based positioning systems offer a solution which would meet all the indoor usage requirements. Though, the theoretical positioning accuracy offered by such systems is very good, in actual implementation, their accuracy is dependent on clock accuracy, anchor location, anchor time synchronization and other errors in Time-Difference of Arrival (TDoA). In this paper, we determine the location errors of TDoA method through simulations and present two system solutions for enhancing the location accuracy in UWB based positioning systems
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