AGLAIA system architecture for Glaucoma Diagnosis

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AGLAIA system architecture for Glaucoma Diagnosis
AGLAIA system architecture for Glaucoma Diagnosis
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Proceedings of the Second APSIPA Annual Summit and Conference
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14 December 2010
The AGLAIA (Automatic GLaucoma Diagnosis and Its Genetic Association Study through Medical Image InformAtics) system architecture is proposed to address the automatic diagnosis of Glaucoma. Instead of using single image feature, AGLAIA measures the characteristics of peripapillary and optic nerve head related to glaucomatous changes based on digital non-stereo retinal (fundus) images and combines those multiple measures of optic nerve damage into a single holistic system. Medical Image Informatics principle is innovatively used to analyze the patient’s genetic information and find the possible association between the image features and the glaucoma disease. Innovative medical image processing and understanding algorithms (including medical image segmentation, pattern recognition, filtering, statistical learning etc.) are applied for early detection and monitoring of glaucoma.
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